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  1. 74fj40

    Wanted  4l60e to splitcase AA adapter

    Anyone selling one of these? Before I bite the bullet and buy right from AA Thanks! Max
  2. 74fj40

    Wanted  Polished Fj40 hood hinges

    looking for a set of billet or polished or chrome hood hinges for an fj40
  3. 74fj40

    HD skid plate

    Who is making HDskid plates still? Is Iron pig off-road the only one @IPOR? @Downey? @RLMS? Looking for something to bolt on my fj40 with an h42/split case.
  4. 74fj40

    Pilot bearing interchangeability?

    I have a 1972 fj40 with the original F engine but an fj60 transmission. Which pilot bearing do I use for replacement? I have a 4 speed flywheel. PN: 13451-60060 The bearing that’s in there is a 6202z. any thoughts?
  5. 74fj40

    4:1 gears in a 34mm split case

    I am looking to upgrade my splitcase to 4:1 gears. 38mm cases are getting tougher to find so I’d like to see who has used their 34mm case. Would love to see pictures of the process as well as where and how much material has been added. Thanks! Max
  6. 74fj40

    Plasma Tables

    I work at a local 4x4 shop that is a little behind the on the technology curve. Been telling the owner we need a plasma table. Just got the ok need to keep it under $10k. What is your recommendation?
  7. 74fj40

    MUDShip  Colorado to San Diego-Hard Top

    Looking to ship a hardtop from colorado to San Diego. I can meet around colorado as needed. It’s broken down into pieces. Can put on a pallet if it makes it easier?
  8. 74fj40

    For Sale  1972 hard top, Denver, $800

    Full hard top no doors. I’ll try and grab some pictures of the cap this week, I have it in storage. There is a little bit of rust but very fixable. Toughest part to fix would be the rear hatch around the handle. I’m selling it because i haven’t used it in ten years. It’s been stored inside since...
  9. 74fj40

    For Sale  OBD1 Bluetooth adapter

    Would like $50 obo. Allows you to stream your Tbi data stream to to your phone or tablet. Pretty neat tool to have. The owner of the company that makes them is happy to help out and concerns or problems you may have with it too
  10. 74fj40

    For Sale  F/2F TBI intake manifold

    I have the manifold that I used on my old tbi conversion. Would like to get $75 obo for it. It has an adapter tig welded to it
  11. 74fj40

    For Sale  Fj company jump seats

    Pulled these out of a customers car for more storage. Other than some minor paint blemishes at the mounting points, they are near perfect shape. Would like to get $600 for them.
  12. 74fj40

    For Sale  Rear heater

    Came out of a customers car that did not want it. Fann Tested out okay and does not seem to leak coolant, but have no pressure tested t. Can ship at buyers expense. $100obo from Denver Colorado,
  13. 74fj40

    Reverse eyelet main spring?

    Is Alcan or Deaver my only choices to have a reverse eyelet mainleaf made up for my stock fj40 leaf pack?
  14. 74fj40

    Reverse eyelet main spring.

    Is Alcan or Deaver my only choices to have a reverse eyelet mainleaf made up for my stock fj40 leaf pack?
  15. 74fj40

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Since there’s one in every other forum section, figured we needed one too. Also I know there are a ton of lurkers out there with badass rigs. So let’s see it!
  16. 74fj40

    What bikini top do you have?

    :D Looking for current options. I have a family cage and an old best top bikini top that only fits so so. Would love something that goes the length of the cruiser. Don’t want to, but may have my mom sew something up.
  17. 74fj40

    Holley Sniper 2 barrel conversion

    I am finally going to get my 72 fj40 running right. About 6 years ago i built a tbi setup and have never gotten it to run quite right. So I gave up and picked up a sniper kit. Hoping to have it at least running by Friday. I built an in tank pump for my aftermarket fuel cell. I’ve had nothing...
  18. 74fj40

    Wanted  Fj40 HD skidplate

    before I go buy a skid plate from IPOR anyone have an HD one they would willing to part with? Thanks, Max
  19. 74fj40

    Affordable Fuel injections Optimum EFI

    i am strongly considering going with AFIs newest addition to their line up of products. I’ve been speaking with Jesse via email and he has been a wealth of information for all my questions. It’s a little on the expensive side... but I’m planning to have my cruiser for a long time so I don’t mind...
  20. 74fj40

    For Sale  STC fast trac soft top

    I have a fast trac soft top for sale. Unsure of the overall age, I bought it in 2008 but it’s been stored inside since I bought a paki top in 2009. I had a friend do some sewing repairs to the sippers, he did some additional sewing to prevent any further ripping of the zippers, but looking it...
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