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  1. J

    200 series picture thread

    When a car gets that deep in water, is there any sort of maintenance you have to do because of it?
  2. J

    New Sequoia owner, long time Toyota owner.

    Nice choice. I like how the RW rims look on the platinum. I've been debating about changing the stock ones out for something else but was worried how they would look since the platinum has a lot of chrome on it. Might end up giving it a go at this point.
  3. J

    So i test drove a Defender today….

    I test drove a Limited at one dealer because that's all they had in stock and thought it rode just ok. It wasn't as comfortable as I thought it would be. When I knew it was what I wanted, I made sure to order a platinum and have been thrilled ever since. Wayyyyy better ride and the shocks are...
  4. J

    New TRD Pro Sequoia gets home

    Dang that offset is just right. Looks great man.
  5. J

    New TRD Pro Sequoia gets home

    Yeah I’ve been watching the thread regarding the LC200 and people wrapping their chrome in vinyl. Might give it a try since I hate the chrome mirror caps and door handles…
  6. J

    New TRD Pro Sequoia gets home

    I love the zero chrome on the TRD Pros. If i could have gotten tan interior, I would have went with that instead.
  7. J

    How much bigger? (drivers seat/area) + Sequoia/GX460

    I totally agree. Sometimes I get in my mom's car and regret the decision because there is a large build quality difference between the two. Again, not saying the Sequoia is built badly, it's just to a different level than the LC. However, the fit and finish of the Sequoia doesn't really...
  8. J

    How much bigger? (drivers seat/area) + Sequoia/GX460

    The Sequoia's steering is also wayyyyy easier. I mean you can practically steer it with your pinky. On the other hand, the 200 is a lot harder to steer. I actually prefer the 200 steering because it makes it feel like a tank, but you wanted to factor in driving fatigue so that's also a play...
  9. J

    How much bigger? (drivers seat/area) + Sequoia/GX460

    I think one thing you have to consider though is fit and finish. The Sequoia is definitely bigger and that's fact. I wanted the bigger truck for road trips and ski trips. However, the LC build quality and fit and finish is definitely above the Sequoia. Not to say the Sequoia is poorly made -...
  10. J

    How much bigger? (drivers seat/area) + Sequoia/GX460

    Yeah, the Sequoia's seats are wider as well. They have a different layout/support and aren't as flat as the LC. To me, they kind of hold you in a little more. The LC is a little quieter than the Sequoia, but they also have different tires so it's not exactly a fair rating. As far as engine...
  11. J

    How much bigger? (drivers seat/area) + Sequoia/GX460

    I have a 21 Sequoia Platinum and my mom has a 17 LC. Her seats are more broken in than mine obviously so I can't really do a direct comparison. I will say, the Sequoia seems to have a bit more room in the front seating area as it's a bigger suv. I find the seat extremely comfortable as well...
  12. J

    Chrome on Sequoia

    That's exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  13. J

    Chrome on Sequoia

    Has anyone ever removed the chrome piece on the lower parts of the door? Is it easy to do? I'm looking at potentially getting a different set of rims and not sure how I would like the chrome on there with black or grey rims...
  14. J

    13 Sequoia - lightest, simplest wheels and tires for light off-road

    Any update on how the Sequoia turned out? What wheels/setup did you decide to go with?
  15. J

    2022 Tundra compared to 300 series

    Wow this is the clearest image I've seen of the tundra. Looks great in my opinion. Just wondering how well that TTV6 is going to hold up longevity wise. It is a Toyota so I'm sure it will be fine, but the V8 is tried and true.
  16. J

    Deals to be had on TRD Pro Sequoia? About to pull the trigger

    Have to admit that we have a great relationship with that dealer and have purchased several Toyotas from them in the past. It seems like we got a relatively average amount off of MSRP so nothing too special.
  17. J

    Deals to be had on TRD Pro Sequoia? About to pull the trigger

    I didn't buy a TRD Pro so it's not the same, but I did purchase a 2021 Platinum in December. The sticker price was 71k and I got it for 66k.
  18. J

    New Heritage Owner w/Clear Bra

    Good on you for going whites out. I love the look on land cruisers.
  19. J

    Just went mudding, broke my LX in....caked underneath lol

    I got an undercarriage wash to hook up to a pressure washer from Lowe's and it worked pretty well. Did it the first time for like five minutes to soften up the dirt, and then did it again like 10 minutes later. It's crazy to see the amount of dirt that comes off under the car.
  20. J

    Builds Travis’s PNW LX570

    I drive a black Sequoia so it's not the same, but I just got mine detailed done and feel like I need to leave it in the garage to keep it looking shiny. Black just looks so good freshly detailed or covered in dirt and there's no in-between.
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