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  1. mrjordann

    HFS vs. OME lift kit?

    Hey all, I've got a stock '73 Fj40 on 33s. I want a proper 2.5" lift. I've heard great things about OME but I've also found this "Hell For Stout" kit, which claims to be the softest riding lift kit for 40s. I don't know much about lift kits... Does anyone have experience with these and could...
  2. mrjordann

    Engine help! New HEI Distributor, intermittent spark.

    Hey guys. Old distributor went out so I ordered a new one. I set it to fire on TDC compression stroke. According to my timing light, it's getting inconsistent spark. Why could this be? I believe power to the distributor is constant. Thanks for any help!
  3. mrjordann

    Wanted  Portland: HEI Distributor for FJ40

    Looking for an HEI distributor for my FJ40 asap. My daily driver's seemed to go out. 5/73 model. Thanks
  4. mrjordann

    Help! Electronic Distributor cutting out? Is it bad?

    Hey guys, anyone understand HEI style distributors? I'm running one of those internal-coil distributors the PO installed. Basically the motor died while driving. Got it home, here's the conclusion. The spark plugs are getting intermittent spark. It won't stay running because it cuts out and...
  5. mrjordann

    Let's see your 40-series overlanders!

    Hey hope this is the right forum. Who's built their fj40 for camping? I want to see your builds. Roof tents and all!
  6. mrjordann

    Any suggestions for a Quiet, High-Flow Muffler?

    Hi, I've got 6-into-1 headers on my 1973 F motor. I want a muffler relatively quiet but something I can hear at idle. Preferably quiet at high RPMs. But I also would like something High-Flow if possible. Or at least, I don't want a muffler to add backpressure as a compromise for being quiet. I...
  7. mrjordann

    What is needed to replace the fiberglass top?

    I recently bought a new reproduction fiberglass top for my FJ40. What all do I need in order to assemble and install it? (Rain gutters/weatherstrip etc) and where should I buy? And does anyone know a good tutorial or instruction on painting and installing the fiberglass top? All help is...
  8. mrjordann

    Anyone done a custom wool headliner?

    If this question is too generic for the 40-series tech section, please let me know which forum to post under. Hey all, I got a new fiberglass top for my FJ40. I have to do the headliner but I've never really worked on headliners before. I'm really interested in installing a custom pattern...
  9. mrjordann

    Locating Original Owner - Any Suggestions?

    About 4 years ago, I bought my 1973 FJ40 from someone who I knew was at least the 3rd owner. He doesn't have the contact of who he bought it from. I posted in the 40 series section because I believe this problem is much more relevant with pre-1980s vehicles, since this was before the 17-digit...
  10. mrjordann

    OME lift kit, or DELUXE OME lift kit?

    Hey all, I've decided to lift my 40. I want Old Man Emu because I've heard their the best. I found [this site here], and they offer two OME lift kits. Here are the two listed... OME Suspension: Includes F&R Springs, F&R shocks, F&R bushings, Steering dampener Deluxe OME Suspension: Includes...
  11. mrjordann

    I'm new. Where do I go to see what trails people are hitting?

    Does the club host off road scenic tours, or any other kind of events? I just wanna hit some trails with other Land Cruiser folk. Where should I be looking?
  12. mrjordann

    FJ40 Factory Wheel Color 1973

    I've seen a lot of people talk about this but I haven't seen a solid answer that puts this question to rest. What's the color code for a factory 1973 steel rims with those chrome hub caps (USDM)? Getting my wheels powder coated today and I want to do it right. Thank you!
  13. mrjordann

    Wanted  1973 FJ40 DRIVER DOOR (light blue)

    Need a straight door. Patina is ok. Please send me what you got 👍 Thanks
  14. mrjordann

    Which carburetors *actually work* for an FJ40??

    Disclaimer, this is a bitchy thread but I just want to start some conversation. I'll start my question by giving some background. I bought a 1973 FJ40 with the original motor a few years ago and I rebuilt the motor. Mechanically, the engine should be near perfect. Unfortunately, one of the...
  15. mrjordann

    very late model topless door frames??

    Hi, I found this rig online. Has anybody seen one of these door frame/roll bar looking things? Super cool! 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale #2410710 - Hemmings Motor News
  16. mrjordann

    For Sale  Blue FJ40 hood

    Should fit most 40 series land cruisers. I had it on my 1973. Nice patina. $800 OBO
  17. mrjordann

    What brand is this FJ40 radio antenna?

    Hi, I accidentally found this antenna in a picture on craigslist. My rig didn't come with an antenna but it has the same exact holes cut in the side as this one in the picture. Does anyone know what brand antenna this is, or where I can find one? I'd love to hook something up instead of drilling...
  18. mrjordann

    Are these seats factory?

    I found this picture on google images, but I can't find any information on it. When I click on the page, the picture can't be found anywhere. https://forum.ih8mud.com/attachments/dsc_0074-jpg.609227/ This looks like very late model 40 series with carpet and different rear seats. Does anybody...
  19. mrjordann

    Rear Jump Seats Do Not Match (1973 USDM FJ40)

    Hi, this is peculiar. One of my jump seats sits too far toward the center of the vehicle, and the rubber feet don't sit where they're supposed to. I attached pictures of the mechanism on the seat which pushed it out farther. I'm assuming this can't be factory... Was one of my seats replaced...
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