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  1. Fearnofish!

    For Sale  Minnesota: FJ80 birfields and shafts, new aftermarket stock, short flange

    Hi All, I mistakenly ordered axels for an early FJ80 from Australia. They are just slightly too short for my 96' LC. I am told they are for 1990-1994 which have shorter flanges. They are equivalent to stock and NOT Chromoly. With that in mind I am looking for a set of axles for my 96 as well. I...
  2. Fearnofish!

    FJ80 aftermarket axles FOR SALE

    Hi All, I mistakenly ordered axels for an early FJ80. They are just slightly too short for my 96' LC. I am told they are for 1990-1994 which have shorter flanges. They are equivalent to stock and NOT Chromoly. With that in mind I am looking for a set of axles for my 96 as well. I greased...
  3. Fearnofish!

    NAPA Birfs?

    I searched NAPA Birfield but didnt come up with anything. Anyone have any thoughts since I want stock axles?
  4. Fearnofish!

    broken vacuum thing-ma-bob

    Hey all can you help me with a part number for this thing? The vacuum attachment with the glue on it in the center.
  5. Fearnofish!

    1FZ-FE compression and valve leak tests... Cylinder head rebuild impending

    Hello All, Short story: ~200,000miles. 1996 1fzfe. drinking oil-qt/250 miles. replaced PCV valve and grommet. Can smell burning oil at start and in exhaust. goes away while driving. Engine still feels strong and pulls fairly hard but definitely sounds different than it used to sort of "valve...
  6. Fearnofish!

    Wanted  4.11 gears for FJ60

    Looking for 4.11 gears for my 1984 FJ60. Could be new or used I just figure as long as I am in there rebuilding I might as well lower the gearing. Thanks, Fish
  7. Fearnofish!

    Wanted  Chains for 33x12.5" muds

    Hey all, Looking for some used chains. I priced them out new and whoa. It's not in the budget. Let me know what you have. Fish:beer:
  8. Fearnofish!

    Lock right install

    Hey, Going to be installing lock-right lockers in the front and back of my 84 FJ60 and was wondering if there was any last minute advice. All comments are welcome from the actual install to drive tips. The front will of course be selectable due to the locking hubs so my DD will have a auto...
  9. Fearnofish!

    Super Swamper LTB 34x10.5 with OME????

    Considering the super swamper LTB 34x10.5x15 with my OME lift. I am not worried about the width but the heigth. My current 33's have never rubbed and I have been full flexed on occasion. SO I was thinking that an extra 1/2 inch on one side of the axel wouldn't hurt but don't want to shell out...
  10. Fearnofish!

    replacement door handles??

    Just finished painting the Cruzah and during the prep work removing the door handles realized that the inside support bars are cracked. I thought they sank in a bit but never thought too much about it. They are made of crappy cast metal so thought that even if I found used ones they might...
  11. Fearnofish!

    Ticking clutch

    So I just tuned up the rig and have noticed a noise that sounds like a ticking with a bit of jittering in it. It goes away when I depress the clutch. Actually if I just press the clutch an inch or so it goes away. The clutch was rebuilt about 2 years ago (mechanic, not me). I have been...
  12. Fearnofish!

    FJ60 ignition and horns

    I replaced my dizzy with the DUI in my 84 FJ60 and have the ignitor and coil to spare. I also have the stock horns. I boxed them up for someone on the forum and they never got back to me. SHipping to seattle is about 8$ so it's probably similar to that anywhere. Make me an offer and it's...
  13. Fearnofish!

    Removing wndows?

    I am doing some routine body work on Sancho and want to take out the rear window. I dont' want to damage the window or the gasket. Anyone done this? :confused:
  14. Fearnofish!

    alternator upgrade to POWERMASTER

    Just ordered the powermaster 140amp alternator with the one-wire connection. Any thoughts? Also info on the hook up would be much appreciated. I search "powermaster" in the archives and came up bone dry. Makes me think maybe I am in uncharted territory. Additional question: the...
  15. Fearnofish!

    Body work material, Bondo???

    I have pounded out a smashed and creased front drivers fender and am getting ready to maker pretty. What body filler material do you guys recommend? If it were any other rig I'd just use bondo but POR-15 makes a "special" filler that blah blah blah. I plan to use the POR products inside...
  16. Fearnofish!

    Alternative front seats???

    Keeping a budget in mind, what vehicle have IH8Muders canabalized seats from to bolt into your 60's? (the archives didn't turn anything up other than replacement 60 seats). :cheers:
  17. Fearnofish!

    Smog pump parts

    I am sure I am not the only LC owner on a budget and scramble for blood pressure pills when I think about replacing my smog pump. At the request of my neighborhood I have removed my pump and taken it apart. The noise is from these thin strips of metal that were apparently forcing some sort of...
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