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    yanmar 6lyp

    Hi iam rebuilding a bj40 & got this engine (6lyp yanmar) its out of a boat so would need a few parts but dose any body know if it would go in, ive been told a lancrusier box would fit & go in ?
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    bj 40 with 1kz motor

    Hi guys & girls i wont to put a 1kz in my bj40 1978 its got 13bt with a 5 speed at present has any body seen these done or done one thanks
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    Hi guys i have been reading post for a few mths & caught the bug lol, i have purchased a 78 bj40 rust bucket (pics to follow) rough all over but starts & runs, the good points, its got fr disc brakes, 5 speed box, rear axle with handbrake in hubs not fitted, also every door & panel rust free not...
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