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  1. js47

    Wanted  17” 5x150 Wheels

    Looking for some 17” wheels for my 100. Ideally can pick up near Madison, WI or near NYC, or possibly anywhere along I-95 between Miami and NYC. Wheels must be round but some cosmetic imperfections are ok. Any wheel from the 100 Series, 200 Series, 2007-2021 Tundra, or 2007-present Sequoia...
  2. js47

    Wanted  NYC or Madison WI: Factory Jack for 100 series

    Yep I broke another one. Let me know what you’ve got! I am in NYC now but will be heading to Madison WI soon, so I can pick up anywhere along the way. Thanks in advance!
  3. js47

    Is there a consensus on replacing diff seal “while in there”?

    I am rebooting my DS cv axle so now seems like an opportune time to change the diff seal while I’m in there. However I have read that getting the new seal to seat properly can be tricky with the diff still in the truck. Anyone have an opinion on this?
  4. js47

    Is this a viable method for separating CV axle?

    I am just trying to reboot my outer CV and the inner is very clean and was still full of grease so I have no desire to take it apart further than is necessary. Has anyone tried this method on a US-spec 100 series? Here is the YT video, he starts around 2:15:
  5. js47

    How to tell when UCA bushings go bad?

    Maybe a dumb question, but how can you tell when your upper control arm bushings go bad? I am replacing my upper ball joints (which are completely shot) but they just won’t press out. I am pretty frustrated and considering now just going for entirely new UCAs since if I pull the current UCAs...
  6. js47

    Does anyone know what the wiring harness connector under this blank switch is for?

    There are three wires going into the 5-pin harness: red with blue, white with blue, and green with red. Red with blue is a ground. I followed the wires until the disappeared into the pictured mystery box behind the driver’s side kick panel. I’ve looked at parts diagrams and it looks like this...
  7. js47

    Has anyone tried these eBay rear fog lamps?

    I am looking at replacing the red reflectors in the stock rear bumper with LEDs slaved to the stock fog light switch. It seems like the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way to get the functionality of rear fogs while maintaining the stock look. There are several sellers, all in China, but it...
  8. js47

    Why the difference between upper and lower caliper slide pins?

    I’m replacing my rear brake pads because one of my lower slide pins wasn’t moving freely enough, resulting in excessive outer pad wear. I bought new pins but the ones with the bushing still do not want to slide very well. I should mention that I cleaned the inside of the hole very thoroughly...
  9. js47

    Seized parking brake pins

    I’m sure someone else has had a similar issue so hopefully there is some good beta out there. I’ve been rebuilding the handbrake on my 100 and everything was going smoothly until I attempted removing the old bell cranks. After removing the clips I went to bang out the pins with a hammer, but...
  10. js47

    Wanted  100 series factory jack

    Was just jacking up my truck at the rear axle while reinstalling the rear prop shaft and my factory jack BROKE! So I am desperately searching for a replacement. Please let me know what you have and what you want for it! Jake
  11. js47

    Has anyone seen a CV boot leaking like this?

    I went to check out a 1999 LX470 this afternoon and it was looking ok until I got to the front end — the passenger side CV boot had all kinds of grease around it, including slung on the inside of the wheel and tire and the rear of the fender. The owner said he just had this boot replaced. Maybe...
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