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  1. ZackR

    re Lift and undoing a lift

    If the lift kit is new I'd sell the whole thing as a kit. Then you can install a lift to your preference with all matching components.
  2. ZackR

    A/C system - how to remove the cooling unit, evaporator, expansion valve

    Just to confirm it's difficult to access, but possible? If so I'd leave it as is and get any leaks sorted out. I did a bunch of work on my AC system four years ago and haven't had to add any refrigerant since (still blows ice cold). Once yours is dialed in you shouldn't need to access it very...
  3. ZackR

    Installed Dobinson's 1.75 Inch Variable Rate Suspension Kit: C59 - 222V, C59 223V

    Here you go (with 285/75/16 tires): The rear sits a bit high unloaded but levels out a bit once a few hundred pounds of tools and gear are in there.
  4. ZackR

    A/C system - how to remove the cooling unit, evaporator, expansion valve

    Quick answer - If you open up the system then replace the A/C drier.
  5. ZackR

    Truck No Start, No Crank, but see voltage draw

    Time for a new starter. Mine did the same thing when the starter went out. FWIW I bought one from NAPA and it's been fine, even in below zero weather.
  6. ZackR

    Heat Stroke in Billings MT - Please Help!

    Motivation is also a factor here :) When you are sweating to death for several days the laser focus needed to solve the problem comes into play.
  7. ZackR

    RTH Please! I a

    Gauge fuse is a big one.... I just saw this thread and was going to suggest checking it.
  8. ZackR

    Stolen Land Cruisers -- Common Factors

    That first photo - a nice cruiser parked on the street says it all. Anything you can do to place it somewhere out of sight and away from easy access?
  9. ZackR

    Low Compression after Head Gasket Job (SOLVED)

    Did you remove the old head gasket or stack the new one on top of the old one? Kidding of course.
  10. ZackR

    Towing With a Tow Dolly

    If the cruiser runs/drives it would probably be cheaper at this point to drive it and fly home. I've heard U haul prices are through the roof this summer.
  11. ZackR

    Carrying extra fuel

    You guys aren't towing one of these around? Guess I'm the only one :flipoff2:
  12. ZackR

    80 series love in 300 series release vid

    Grab your checkbook and you can have a "new" 80 series..... 1k-Mile 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1994-toyota-land-cruiser-fj80-24/ I also want one :)
  13. ZackR

    Brake system flush

  14. ZackR

    Cooling off baby in backseat?

    If the car seat is still facing backwards then about the only thing that will help is a small fan. Once it faces forward (toddler age) you can open the window and blast them with fresh air.
  15. ZackR

    80 vs 100 Series

    If your F250 is 4x4 then sell the travel trailer, add a truck camper and overland in comfort. Tow a utility trailer for the dirt bikes and you'll still be able to explore.
  16. ZackR

    80 vs 100 Series

    Installing a car seat in the 80 wasn't an issue for me. In fact my little one came home from the hospital in our 80 after she was born. I'm on the 3rd car seat now that she's 4 and this one should last a while. If the choice is between a early 80 series (91-92) or a 100 series I'd definitely go...
  17. ZackR

    STOLEN My 80 Was stolen last night -Colorado- (Recovered!!!)

    Glad it was recovered, please update the thread title to include "recovered" so I can stop searching for it :flipoff2:
  18. ZackR


    Since you are close to a full brake system overhaul might as well finish it off with fresh calipers all the way around along fresh brake hoses, full bleed and see how things work at that point.
  19. ZackR

    Stolen Land Cruisers -- Common Factors

    100% agree! Part of my decision not to go bigger than a 1.75" lift and 285/75/16 tires is the fact that I can still fit it in the garage. I worry very little about my cruiser when its in my locked garage (most of the time). Its when I'm parking on city streets that I worry the most.
  20. ZackR

    Brake system flush

    Be sure to keep the reservoir full.... If it runs empty and you get air in the system you have to start over.
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