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  1. FirstToy

    Ebay Aluminum Radiator

    It was probably 900 in 2011 when I wrote that.
  2. FirstToy

    Trouble refilling supercharger

    looks clean. I used JB jon bond synthetic and didn't have issue with filling through the plug. I read that overfilling is dangerous- maybe it starts to aerate the oil, so make sure you keep it at 4oz or a bit less.
  3. FirstToy

    Trouble refilling supercharger

    just tilt the front end of the truck up. jack, angled driveway, air down the back tires, etc
  4. FirstToy

    123*F, parked on the freeway in traffic

    This sounds typical but I wish there was more headroom. Similar happened to me over the grapevine in gridlock at similar temps. neutral revving does nothing. probably creates more heat aux fan would probably not do much but i'm going to try setting one up that isn't janky, for low speed a/c
  5. FirstToy

    Did this guy put his seal in backwards...?

    @Perfected what am I missing, both videos you posted look like they are tapping in the seals correctly.
  6. FirstToy

    How to slow down the 80 from rocking so much while wheeling - body control

    Ali, You need a lot more rebound dampening, imo. Do you have timbren bumps in the rear? That helped me a lot.
  7. FirstToy

    PHH attempt.....

    @79F250 I tackled this earlier this year, maybe will make life easier for you https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/phh.6994/page-11#post-13523614
  8. FirstToy

    Hood vents vs snorkel for a supercharged 80

    It's not because it's only 94. It's in effect for the week going into triple digit temps, as high fire danger and elderly/people without a/c need to adequately prepare for the week(s) ahead. Suddenly going from 70 to 105 in a few days, it can have serious effects for some people.
  9. FirstToy

    How to slow down the 80 from rocking so much while wheeling - body control

    You play the long game, George!
  10. FirstToy

    How to slow down the 80 from rocking so much while wheeling - body control

    I ordered directly from them Active Off-Road Bump Stops SKU# ABSTORLC1 - Rear Kit (ABSTORLC1) Timbren sales@timbren.com 1-800-263-3113 There is a steel bracket that the rubber bolts to. It is a flat, round plate. I had to cut the sides of the circle off to clear the coilsprings. It will make...
  11. FirstToy

    How to slow down the 80 from rocking so much while wheeling - body control

    Ali, Relatively inexpensive upgrade that made a big difference for me was adding timbren rear bumpstops. (offroad bumps are taller than the regular ones - there are two versions for the 80) They make the suspension feel smooth, instead of smacking the bumpstops. On the whoop-dees where you...
  12. FirstToy

    95 FZJ80 overheated - thoughts?

    Your PHH or FHH is steaming off your coolant. If it's not these, it's nearby. Replace coolant hoses.
  13. FirstToy

    Whats everyone using for upgraded sway bars now?

    I like it. It is functionally the same as Toyota's KDSS on the 200 series.
  14. FirstToy

    STOLEN My 80 Was stolen last night -Colorado- (Recovered!!!)

    devo, smell and lick does not constitute a dna test. glad to see it back in your hands!
  15. FirstToy

    When the radiator is out, what else to do?

    This is, imo, a sensible list and perspective. Since the coolant is out, inspect entire cooling system and replace old parts . You are saving time & effort, possibly preventing a trip failure.
  16. FirstToy

    STOLEN My 80 Was stolen last night -Colorado- (Recovered!!!)

    how dafuq do you have that link handy? rhetorical question. Glad the 80 was recovered devo. sorry about the hand, glad you have good friends like ajax1 there to help kick you in the nuts while sopping up blood. :p:beer: I guess we all should think about kill switches... but that ironclad...
  17. FirstToy

    Can you tell me what I did wrong (FIPG woes)?

    maybe old, bad ebay paste? try new stuff on something and see if it dries. That's a hassle to do it yet again...
  18. FirstToy

    grease fittings on 97 lx450

    my understanding is that moly is sticky, and won't be as runny to leak out of the birf seals. regular lithium probably works its way into the needle bearings better in everything else. actually greasing is more important than what type of grease.
  19. FirstToy

    Delta Vehicle Systems Panhard Lift Bracket, 3" & 5"

    I have a OEM panhard with weld in adjuster from Slee This helped to fine tune so I don't get rubbing. With the delta bracket, stock panhard is close to centering the rear axle. *the delta bracket i have is the 3"
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