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  1. Wermz

    High steer, slee vs hellfire, panhard angles.

    This may be long winded but i have a hard time finding a great thread on all of this information. Id love for this to become the @GW Nugget shock/spring thread, but for all things high steering setups. Here we go. Ok, i know theres a couple of you with slee high steer arms on your knuckles, and...
  2. Wermz

    SOLD  ATLANTA GA. 37s on 4runner wheels PRICE DROP

    5-full set with matching spare 5th gen 4runner wheels painted black 37x12.5-17 general grabber x3 Plenty of tread left, maybe have 10k miles on them. None have ever been patched or plugged. Asking $1500obo not pictured is the spare. Will add more pictures later
  3. Wermz

    SOLD  Atlanta GA... Steel wheels with 33s 6x5.5-BP

    4 steel wheels, 6x5.5 bolt pattern. 285/75/16 which is basically 33" half worn tires, wheels in good shape. lugnuts included. came off my fzj80, i did not have/need spacers. $500 obo pm me Untitled by bill bill, on Flickr Untitled by bill bill, on Flickr Untitled by bill bill, on Flickr...
  4. Wermz

    Exhaust over or under frame, options?

    Howdy fellas. i just bought a cxracing header with the straight outlet. it says straight outlet is for auto trans and or fuel injection.. and the curved up for manual/carb. https://www.cxracing.com/HD-1FZFE-1-STR?search=1fz my exhaust is pretty awful, the previous owner removed the cats and i...
  5. Wermz

    Builds  Big Green Buffalo Build Thread

    now... Untitled by bill bill2, on Flickr Untitled by bill bill2, on Flickr -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howdy fellas, Ryan here. Ive been into Toyotas for a long time, i finally got me an 80, my first land cruiser. i bought this...
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