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  1. the LaW

    steering problem...won't turn as far to right as to left...

    Hi, I just purchased a 97 Land Cruiser. I had driven in for a couple of weeks with no steering problems. I had my mechanic replace 2 belts, as there is a bit of a whining noise that I hoped it would fix, but did not. When I got it back from the belt replacement, I parked at home as normal. The...
  2. the LaW

    A steering problem?

    I was searching for help and found this thread. My mechanic just replaced my 2 belts. When I got it back I discovered that it would not turn as much to the right than to the left. Left will do 2 full turns and right will only do 1.5. I checked a lexus same year and it did 2 both ways. Any ideas...
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