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    My 100 series 230k service!!

    Yes valve covers leaking Radiator had a tiny crack Bearings Boots busted Plugs had never been replaced.
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    My 100 series 230k service!!

    Denso radiator Oem plugs Felpro valve cover gasket kit Wheel bearing seals oem Non oem steering boot
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    My 100 series 230k service!!

    Just got the 02 Lx serviced. T- Belt H20 pump Pulleys Aisin tkt021 kit Thermostat. New Radiator (lasted 230k miles) Valve cover gaskets (never been replaced) Spark plugs and tubes (never been replaced) Wheel bearings repacked new seals (never been replaced) Steering rack boot installed I...
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    busted ignition

    Mine broke on 10/21/18 at the grocery store. Had it towed to the house. 3 miles away. Ordered part from Nalley Lexus ($197.00). Had it towed to my retired Lexus mechanic on 10/27/18. 2 hours after he received it I was back on the the road. Total repair was $377.00 parts and labor. Towing was...
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