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  1. Krondor

    Early JIS screw size differences

    I had the hardest time finding a correct screw size for the early wiper and light rotary switches. Turns out I wasn't crazy. The correct thread is an M3-0.6! Here is a little history. So if you have an early cruiser and can't get the screw to thread in. You are not crazy. The threads are...
  2. Krondor

    early FJ40 horn relay wiring

    I purchased an early replacement horn relay but am having trouble finding out the correct way to wire it up. Here is what I am working with: New horn relay form city racer and a 1965 FJ40 wiring harness with a green white (GW), Green red (GR) and Green Yellow (GY) wire.
  3. Krondor

    1965 Fj40 rear view mirror

    Trying to figure out which mirror is correct for a 1965 FJ40. They both look similar, only one is longer. Was one potentially for an FJ45LV? 1. 2.
  4. Krondor

    For Sale  Early Locking Gas Cap with Keys- ebay not mine

    Thought I would throw this out there for anyone looking for a locking gas cap. Not mine but not a bad deal I think.
  5. Krondor

    Wanted  Broken D40 Carburetor / D40 carb bracket.

    Needing this particular later D40 carb accelerator cable bracket. Willing to buy the whole carb if needed.
  6. Krondor

    Wanted  4.7L V8 2UZ-FE Coil Pack 90919-02230

    Wanted part number 90919-02230 coil pack for the 4.7L V8 2UZFE engine. QTY as many as you have. My truck's packs keep failing.... Thanks!
  7. Krondor

    Headlight bucket bolts

    Cant seem to find a part number or anyone selling headlight bucket bolts. The ones used to attach the headlights to the front bib.
  8. Krondor

    Wanted  D40 carburetor accel/choke brackets

    Wanted: D40 carb accelerator/choke brackets. Just need the brackets.
  9. Krondor

    Wanted  Wanted: 68-71 accelerator pedal

    I am looking for an accelerator pedal, linkage and cable for a 1968-71 FJ40. Please let me know if you have one or know where I can find one
  10. Krondor

    Alternative gas pedal

    When installing my gas pedal, I found out it had a lot of play. I machined a new linkage and welded up/machined the wallowed out components. The pedal still does not give me confidence with all of the 10 different components that goes into opening the throttle. It also doesn't move the full...
  11. Krondor

    Quick gear reduction starter question

    Trying to find out where to bold the white cable up to on a 1965 gear reduction starter upgrade.
  12. Krondor

    For Sale  Double sided turn signals EBAY...Not Mine. The base looks wrong on these to me and the price isn't exactly cheap but they are double sided and I know that's rare. These are not mine btw. Just found...
  13. Krondor

    Wanted  Large style OEM FJ80 oil filter 15600-41010

    Wanted, 2-3, maybe more if you have them 15600-41010 oil filters. This is the large style now discontinued.
  14. Krondor

    3FE high idle help

    Hey. So my 1991 FJ80 is having some high idle in park but changes to the correct idle in drive. I have swapped out my TPS thinking it was faulty and correctly set it with feeler gauges. , changed the O2 sensors, adjusted the timing (as best as I could, it was difficult to see the sight...
  15. Krondor

    Wanted  Early 40 series windshield defrost guides

    Wanted: A set of early 40 defrost guides. My originals got mangled in shipping to the point where I can't fix them. I have the small deflector plates. Just missing the guides.
  16. Krondor

    1965 FJ40 Carb linkage detail pictures

    I am looking for some detailed pictures of the SD40 to gas pedal linkages. I believe I have everything but I wanted to make sure I am hooking everything up correctly. The way I currently have it hooked up creates some occasional binding with the gas pedal. I don't know if I just need some...
  17. Krondor

    gas pedal firewall grommet

    Was wondering if anyone had a part number for the gas pedal linkage firewall grommet or knew of a replacement part
  18. Krondor

    For Sale  Not Mine- SD-40 on Flea-Bay

    Price seems a bit high for one that needs a rebuild along with stuck butterfly valves. It looks to be missing some parts as well. Just thought I would share...
  19. Krondor

    Rear upper hatch loose

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with my 91 FJ80. All of the sudden this past week, My rear hatch will close and latch but the top is very loose, I can jiggle the rear top hatch while it stays latched. The bottom half of the hatch closes and locks as it should. Trying to figure out what...
  20. Krondor

    For Sale  Not mine- Semaphore signals
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