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    Wanted  Misc Parts for '88 Landcruiser

    Looking for a rear view mirror, door lock toggle, drivers side door handle cover plate, rear window wiper arm, washer fluid reservoir cap.
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    Wanted  Looking for parts

    Just got my 88 Landcruiser running. I need some misc. parts, rear window wiper arm, washer fluid reservoir cap, window lock toggle switch, and the trim piece behind the drivers side door handle.
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    1988 transmission

    I'm new to posting in forums. I'm looking for help finding a transmission or parts for a rebuild for an 88 Landcruiser. Part #35000-60100. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    1988 Landcruiser

    I'm restoring a 1988 Landcruiser and need help finding parts. Transmission Part # is 35000-60100. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
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