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  1. Supra88

    Glow plug system help 92 HZJ77 1HZ

    Upon inspection of my fuse panel I noticed there is no 7.5A fuse for "glow". In fact there are no contacts in the fuse panel where the supposed fuse is supposed to go. The glow relay actuated when the ignition is 'on'. It looks like I'm getting 5V to the relay switch when I checked with a...
  2. Supra88

    Wanted  16" JDM wheels (5) - 3.5" back spacing

    Let me know what you have, steelies or alloys.
  3. Supra88

    Rear locker relay question

    When I attempt to actuate my rear locker on my HZJ77 I can hear the relay in the left side kick panel clicking on and off rapidly. Any guess on what's causing this? The locker never locks up.
  4. Supra88

    70 series factory locker actuators

    Are the locker actuators on 90-96 hjz77s the same as the 80s from the same era?
  5. Supra88

    Mystery connector

    As I was pulling my wire harness from the ecu for a HG job I noticed this connector was unplugged. Any idea what this is for? Stock sub?
  6. Supra88

    Cylinder 3 Misfire Diagnosis

    I got the cylinder 3 misfire code on my 80 (1fz). It definitely felt like it was running on 5 cylinders. Very lumpy idle but the tachometer was steady at 650. I pulled the #3 plug and verified I was getting spark. Fuel shot out of the cylinder onto the valve cover. I probably jumped the...
  7. Supra88

    Front Suspension Work

    I'm going to swap out my LCAs, axles, front bearings, hubs, KDSS links/bushings, and front diff mounts. I have a couple of specific questions and looking for any other offered advice. Do I have to open both KDSS circuits if I'm only working on the front? Since I'm removing the entire LCA, am I...
  8. Supra88

    Front End Refresh

    I'm getting ready to "refresh" my front end with some new parts. I'm one of those people that does the "while you're in there" stuff if I'm fixing something in the same general location. I've been trying to root cause my vibration issue from what was likely damage caused during a couple of...
  9. Supra88

    Vibration Help

    I'm experiencing some serious vibrations, to the point where it is physically uncomfortable to drive. To make this more difficult several factors were changed before the vibrations started to happen. I hoping to get some help to find the root cause of this problem. The vibrations are...
  10. Supra88

    New UCAs and KDSS

    I'm going to install some SPC UCAs in the near future. Should I open up the KDSS valves to do this? I read a thread that talked about upward pressure after releasing the ball joint. Will opening the valves avoid this potential safety issue? Also, I didn't see any detailed write up on this...
  11. Supra88

    Caster/camber adjuster metal fatigue

    I haven't been satisfied with the tracking/alignment on my 200. As I looked through the PO records I noticed that the dealer indicated they couldn't complete the alignment after a new steering rack was installed due to metal fatigue on one of the adjusters. Upon closer investigation I can now...
  12. Supra88

    Builds  Supra88's High Mileage 200 Series Build

    Most recently I picked up a clean 2008 Land Cruiser from the PNW. I originally intended on picking up a low mileage 200, but ended up with one that has 228,000 miles on it! It's a one owner well taken care of vehicle. 100% dealer serviced and it came with a lot of extra goodies: ARB front and...
  13. Supra88

    Torque Specifications

    At 228,000 I'm replacing my radiator, water pump, thermostat, serp belt tensioner, fan pulley bracket, fan clutch, idler bearing, valve cover/plug gaskets, and whole bunch of hoses. While I'm waiting for a copy of the FSM, I could really use the torque specs for: Fan belt bracket Valve covers...
  14. Supra88

    SOLD  Michigan: One Rock Warrior Wheel

    Looking for one RW wheel shipped to 49419. What do you have?
  15. Supra88

    200 Maintenance Question

    Long time member here. I've had a 40, 80, and 100. The 40 and 100 are gone, leaving me with just my 80 and soon to be new-to-me 200. It's shipping to me this week from out west so it's rust free! The PO had it dealer serviced since owning it from day one, so it received regular fluid swaps...
  16. Supra88

    For Sale  Holland, Michigan 2000 Built LC

    232,xxx miles Mods: ARB front bumper Titan 12,000 lb winch with remote solenoid in engine bay ARB off-road lights with factory switch Slee rear bumper with single swing out. Has second spindle if you want to add another Metal tech Sliders DT headers EMS exhaust Slee heavies in rear OME...
  17. Supra88

    Another What's it Worth Thread - Built 100 Series

    I'm looking at keeping my triple locked 80 and selling my 100. It's been my daily for the last 8 years and I'm looking to replace it with a Tundra to pull my 80 and Supra around :-). It's mechanically been pampered by me and has a lot of nice upgrades. I'm the second owner and it's been a...
  18. Supra88

    Noise coming from transmission/TC area

    Need some help here. A couple of months ago I developed a strange rattling/whirling sound coming from what I thought was the engine bay. I pulled the serpentine belt off and checked all of the pulleys. The idler pulley seemed loose and made a very slight noise when I spun it. Everything...
  19. Supra88

    For Sale  100 Series Toyota OEM Starter Rebuild Kit

    For sale are brand new parts to rebuild your 100 series starter. 28235-54380 Plunger 28226-54412 Starter Kit, Battery Terminal 28226-72010 Starter Kit, Motor Terminal Asking $30 shipped in the continental US.
  20. Supra88

    Slow to start

    my 80 (97 lx450) doesnt want to start right away when it’s cold. If it’s warm it seems to start right up. It has: New starter New distributor, rotor, wires, and plugs New orings on the fuel injectors New fuel filter Also, I smelled some fuel after a cold start failure. Thoughts?
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