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  1. middlecalf

    Wanted 1963 FJ-45 SWB Rear view Mirror

    An option bump make the bracket LMC Truck 38-5130 mirror $20 not original of course GLWS
  2. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    On a lighter note, occasionally I have to clear the deck and put away all the tools. So I can drag them all out again. Anal is that anal does. During one of the many sub-projects my principal work/welding/smashing table is piled to the rafters with tools, parts, scrap, dirt, crap, etc. I...
  3. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    Test fit home built (is there anything else 😝) sill. Good enough for government work. Looks like the taller sill (2.5”) has enough clearance for the lower spare tire mount bolts. What I thought was the sill height (2.1”) wouldn’t. But I didn’t have any of the sill left at the gate, only...
  4. middlecalf

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    Wonder if anyone’s thumped on that frame? I see mill scale/coating rejection but no obvious holes, limited pics though.
  5. middlecalf

    A tale of two trucks ;)

    I won’t be surprised if the OP wants to rebuild or get working anything and everything he has (and needs to add) on this rig. I completely understand that. Try choking the carb. And visually check if you‘re getting the acceleration pump squirt at throttle depression (check with engine not...
  6. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    No Manni yet. on edit: I saw him fly over a bit ago but didn’t land. Looks like he‘s headed to Sun Valley to take a look at Tom Hank’s FJ40 that’s for sale.
  7. middlecalf

    Builds 1978 FJ40 Mustard Yellow - almost perfect thread.

    Dang, I’m usually ok with my half-@ss work but then I look at one of these threads and get both depressed (with myself) and impressed (with the builder). Those yellow wax line thingys remind me of the seals used on important letters 😆.
  8. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    Hey Dom - no rush, you can disregard too if need be. I’m going to remake the sill to about 2.5” O-O which gives me 17.5” from top of gate to bottom of sill hinge flange, which matches the tailgate and hinge I have. The floor pieces I’ve already welded in place will still work good enough...
  9. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    Actually Dom @DomSmith I could use measurement “A” in my attached CATIA 😆 drawing. Also, is the tailgate surface level with the bed deck when open? I’m assuming the tailgate top aligns with the bed top rail. I measured 14-3/4” from what I had left of my setup. Looks like it needs to be more...
  10. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    Hard to describe, so a bunch of pics. As a caveat, I’m rebuilding this all with very little in existence for template, and an FST tailgate of unknown vintage, and tons of scrutinizing of mud pics for measurement estimates. couldn’t find any actual measurements. Here’s about all that was left...
  11. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    @Michael B I did this, then made the matching floor piece (I’ll attach a pic later). Built taper helps with tailgate fit, but not completely. More of that in next post.
  12. middlecalf

    Project slow as molasses: 1966 FJ40 FST

    So I’m guessing the wife unit wasn’t around as you and your engineer-in-training were performing real-time training in the kitchen on the granite countertops. That pic is priceless and will need to be in her wedding pics for the bridal shower in 20yrs or so 😂. As far as the carb, who the hell...
  13. middlecalf

    Tom Hanks is Selling his 40

    I don’t follow culture, occasionally I make it to a movie every decade. I do know that Hanks is an actor. But I don‘t know what he has to do with Idaho. Can‘t read the date on the license plate sticker, so don’t know how old this pic is or if he just bought the cruiser in Idaho in the past.
  14. middlecalf

    Repop fuel hardlines

    I would think stopping is as critical as going as far as liability is concerned 😂. Even as a product from a side business, @Rainman ‘s brake lines are skookum. Best thing on my rebuild. Fuel lines would be great, along with a few less lawyers 👿.
  15. middlecalf

    For Sale New amber or red Koito body reflectors

    Late to the party but I‘d take 2 of the amber and 2 of the red. So for discussion purposes, my ‘63 (early) FJ45 SWB fixed top has holes on each side of the bed, front, middle and rear. My knowledge of modern truck bed reflectors is amber toward the front, red at the rear. Not sure what’s up...
  16. middlecalf

    My TLC experience

    Not cheap but this is what I use
  17. middlecalf

    A tale of two trucks ;)

    I would guess only from different motors, F vs. 2F (maybe 1.5F?).
  18. middlecalf


    Ever use those skis at the Howelsen Hill jumps?
  19. middlecalf

    My Tucson 40's

    Dad helping… priceless.
  20. middlecalf

    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    You know @Michael B if I could make a pizza cut at 45-deg on the upside beads then welded a closure piece that turned up to wrap around the sill, that’d be skookum. No tailgate mod would be needed then. But I don’t think I can make an accurate enough cut with hand tools with the floor...
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