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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Has anybody ever replaced this bulb from the defrost switch? Not that I can figure out how to get it out . . .
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    Wanted  Steering column cover (top and bottom), brown, 1987 FJ60.

    Steering column cover (top and bottom), brown, 1987 FJ60. TIA, Rob
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    Who is the current CDan/Onur equivalent? Me needs parts.
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    TRAIL TAILOR - Rack towers?

    Yo . . . @TRAIL TAILOR - Any chance of firing up some of those rad rack towers? I need 6 (three pairs). Posting here b/c maybe other people need them as well? I could prepay and could buy/fund a bunch if volume is the limiting factor. Hope all are safe and well there. Thanks Rob...
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    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    Hi Folks - Curious to know what socket holding/org system you are using (assuming you like it). I’m using these and they suck. Would appreciate advice from Those Wiser than I..
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    Gauge needle paint?

    Somewhere in the vast and profound epitomes of this place there is a thread or two on painting gauge needles. Had something to do with the LED gauge stuff. Can't find it. Help?
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    Dome and cargo light switched together

    I wish I had a switch on the dash that actuated both the dome and cargo light without disabling normal ops. Anybody explored that? Thanks Rob
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    Painting A/C Bezel?

    Has anybody painted the A/C bezel on a 60? How do you go about color matching? Thanks in advance. Rob
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    Electrical plugs/connectors source?

    Curious to learn of a place where I can get Toyota OEM electrical plugs/connectors. Or do I need to get them from used rigs? Thanks in advance! Best Rob
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    Rattling window when rolled down

    So there is a metal channel the the front windows go into when rolled down. Inside that channel is a rubber (?) gasket. That gasket has come loose in my rig. How is that gasket supposed to affixed/secured to the metal channel? I assume its not glue etc.? Thanks Rob:banana:
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    Rear cargo storage and drawer - Bolting to "floor."

    Working on my rear cargo storage system. Plan is to put a 3/4 plywood base that can have different units attached to it. Question - Does anybody know the distance between the bottom of the sheet metal cargo floor and the gas tank? I just want to put four nutserts into the floor to send the...
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    Toyota OEM hardware?

    Is there a source for individual OEM Toyota hardware? Nuts 'n bolts and things . . .
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    Rear hatch drip (not leak)

    When I open the rear hatch on my 60 I now have a deal where water drips into the cargo area. Seems like it's just the water shedding from the upper hatch door. Drips on the left side down from where the electrical umbilical goes from the roof into the hatch. Then directly into the cargo area...
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    What's in you center console?

    What's in your center console? I'm cleaning, purging and reloading. Curious to her some new ideas on what I'm missing. Thanks Rob
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    Width between the wheel humps?

    Re: Cargo area storage - Does anybody know the width between the wheel humps in the cargo area of a 60? I'd like to start working on cargo area storage cabinet but am not near my rig and my rig is full of crap. Thanks! Rob
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    Wind shield reservoir (front)

    What are people doing when the front windshield reservoir crumbles (87 FJ60)? Thanks Rob
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    Toyota steelies - Gray color code?

    Anybody know the color code for OEM Toyota gray steelies? TIA.
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    Lending Library?

    Do you guys think we could start a lending library for tools? Specifically SSTs? I assume the demand is there/here. What say you all?
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    A/C & Heater fan switch - Rebuildable?

    Hi Folks - Has anyone cleaned or rebuilt the A/C & heater fan switch? Mine is unhappy. 1987 FJ60 Thanks Rob
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    ARB Side Steps?

    Anybody have experience with this product? Thanks in advance. Rob
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