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  1. Cannon88

    SOLD San Diego 1999 LX470

    Good price!!
  2. Cannon88

    For Sale 1985 4Runner SR5 Bay Area, CA (Not mine and no affiliation)

    Not to mention the post is a year old... :rolleyes:
  3. Cannon88

    'Mud pet memorial thread

    Today I had to lay to rest my sweet girl, Pearl. She was so good to us, we were lucky to have had her. She was 13.5 years old, pretty good run for a lab. She loved to hunt birds and enjoyed bacon more than anything. We will miss you Pearl, thank you for loving us.
  4. Cannon88

    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    Been pretty minimal though, just keeps on going. 👍
  5. Cannon88

    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    Sorry! Just saw this. So, in the last roughly 100k miles... 215k new radiator (started slowly leaking/cracking along top, was original) 222k new drive belt and tensioner pulley 261k new coil pack on cylinder 6 270k timing belt/water pump service (its 3rd :)) 292k new alternator
  6. Cannon88

    2001 100 Series 26K USD

    Exactly, tailgate is great. No use for barn doors.
  7. Cannon88

    Cruiser Mechanic DFW

    I lived in Benbrook for a few years and had that shop do several items on various Toyota's I had, they always did quality work and on time with reasonable rates. Great little shop.
  8. Cannon88

    Projecting, tinkering, fiddle-farting around: whatcha building?

    Doing some remodeling of our guest bathroom. Was going to do a half remodel, but ended up going full due to issue with the bath tub drain, so I yanked it out completely. Taking me some time due to a busy schedule with kiddos, but coming along nicely. Finished tiling the shower last night, now...
  9. Cannon88

    100 series rare colors...

    My favorite color combo.
  10. Cannon88

    Video of Caribou with Locked Antlers

    Wow! That’s pretty wild man, good on ya (or your group) for freeing him up. Great video.
  11. Cannon88

    Stretched FJ 40 on 40's

    And maybe flip the bezel. :flipoff2: Great rig!
  12. Cannon88

    SOLD North Florida: 1987 Toyota 4Runner

    Looks really nice from the 1 pic! Looks to have been repainted, any details on that?
  13. Cannon88

    Wanted 1969 Camaro convertible

    Checks some of your boxes, I'm sure you've seen it already but...
  14. Cannon88

    Black Garnet Pearl... really that rare?

    Thats not my truck above, I just rotated the pic for him...but sure lol. Mines all stock that I daily 100 miles round trip with 313k miles and counting.
  15. Cannon88

    Mint "80" - Would You Have the Roof Cut Off to Install a Campteq?

    Then what are you asking here, sounds like you got your answer already? 😁
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