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    For Sale  Dallas, Texas: 2007 Landcruiser Engine (180k miles) - $1,200 obo

    My water pump failed, broke timing belt, and we believe bent the valves and damaged the pistons. 180k miles on the engine at time of damage. $1,200 obo.
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    Reman Engine Options

    I figured I would start a new thread on this particular issue to keep folks from having to read to the bottom of my water pump thread. Any rec's on reman options for my 2007 4.7 VVTI would be appreciated. I called Jasper, they don't make a reman 4.7 VVTI. I called Jarco and they are $6250...
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    For Sale  2007 Land Cruiser - Blown Engine (Dallas, Texas)

    This is tough but I just don't have time for a project like this right now. 2007 Land Cruiser. Black Garnet Pearl 180,000 miles Water pump replaced at 115k, just now failed at 180k and broke the timing belt. Compression test shows 0-50 psi. The story - I purchased this truck in 2011 with...
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    Water pump failure - how to test engine?

    I responded to a longer thread with my situation but figured i would post a new thread for easier viewing. The engine shut off on the highway this week on my 07 LC with 180k miles. Wouldn't start and battery/alternator are fine. My mechanic pulled off the various covers and parts to evaluate...
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    AHC from 9-14?!?

    My 2007 LC with 170k miles has shown about 9 on the graduation test once a year for the last 2-3 years. I recently replaced the rear springs with King, and cranked the TB to get the AHC pressures within spec. They are actually right on the low pressure side of spec. I then did an AHC fluid...
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    2007 LC - Replace ECM

    I am getting Code PO335 about once a month - 6 weeks. Mechanic replaced the crankshaft sensor and checked the wiring. Problem still persists. FSM says it could be a bad ECM and to replace the ECM. Does anyone have any experience with this or the aftermarket companies that provide refurb'd...
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    P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor

    My 2007 LC has 170k miles and has been getting this code about every 4 weeks for the last 3-4 months. There are no other symptoms. Each time I reset the code with my handheld diag tool, and the code stays off for about 4 weeks then comes back. I went ahead and had my mechanic replace the...
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    Overdrive isn’t engaging

    Sooo when I put the shifter in D as usual, the dash selector shows 4. Everything else is running fine it appears. Just when I put it in D, the dash is showing 4 Any prior expeirence with this or other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    AHC too low or leave alone

    I have a 2007 with AHC. About 2-3 years ago I blindly cranked the torsion bar 5 cranks. I bought the techstream tool recently and my AHC pressures were reading fairly high in the back. So i replaced the rear springs with King Springs. Now my AHC is reading 4.8 in the rear, 6.9 in the front...
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    Rubber insulator - installing King rear springs 2007 LC

    My mechanic is replacing my rear springs with King Springs and says there is a plastic insulator that is around the bottom of the factory rear springs. He says that it will create noise if he installs the new spring metal on metal and asking if there is an additional part he needs. Does anyone...
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    Installing King Springs

    Hey guys - I searched and was unable to find any installation tips specific to King Springs Suspension Standard Rear Springs KTRS-79. Any specific advice or link to something i missed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Problems with bluetooth hands free phone

    My 07 LC has always handled bluetooth calls on my iphone very well given the age of the car. This week, the loudness of the audio for a phone call has dropped by like 90% and i can barely hear the other person and vice versa. Does anyone know what might be going on? If not, any ideas on how...
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    AHC - fix or replace?

    I have an 07 LC with 160k miles and AHC, mostly highway cruiser. My rear AHC pressures are reading 7.8. I am getting 9 ticks on the graduation test. I estimate that new rear springs + spacers + install will be slightly less than $800. So the question is, should I spend the money to bring the...
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    13 MPG Hwy?

    My 2007 LC sees nothing but short hauls around the city. MPG has always been in the 11.5 range but I never thought much of it since it was all stop and go. Yesterday I drove 200 miles on the interstate and only got 13 MPG?? All my basic service is up to date and my car has no special mods...
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    Techstream help in DFW

    I have a 2006 LC with AHC with 160k miles. I am getting 9 notches on the graduation test. I would like to squeeze many more years out of the AHC system, and from looking at the posts, it appears that the best thing i can do at this point is to adjust/tweak the AHC pressure and torsion bar...
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    Secondary Air System Disaster

    Does anyone have any insight in how I might be able to lean on Lexus to cover the repair cost of this pump/valve emissions system on a 06 GX470 with 83k miles? The quoted price from Lexus is $4k. Toyota has twice extended the warranty on this issue now to 10 years/150k miles on the Tundra...
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    Secondary Air System Disaster

    Mods - I am posting this here because the post is related to an issue common to the 120 and 100 and I could use insight from folks dealing with this issue on the 100. Does anyone have any insight in how I might be able to lean on Lexus to cover the repair cost of this pump/valve emissions...
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    Factory (distributor) headrest DVD players

    I recently purchased a 2007 LC in Texas. It has 2 headrest DVD players that each have slots for DVD's. They appear to sync up to each other, such that you can put a dvd in one player and watch that DVD on both screens. There were 2 pair of wireless headphones in the truck that play audio from...
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