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  1. SergP

    SOLD  1977 FJ40 in NY

    Not mine. Want to post here ... but it already gone... Asking price $2000 Just for the record here
  2. SergP

    SOLD  Two In North East ..NJ and ME

    Not mine.. 1979 $2500 OBO. in NJ 1979 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 - 1,400$ 1974 in Maine Fj40 -...
  3. SergP

    For Sale  1974 Toyota fj40 project

    Not mine 1974 Fj40. 75% restored. It came from the state of California. No rust, you can still read the vin number stamp clearly on the frame. All suspension redone, axles fully rebuilt, engine completely rebuilt valve cover to oil pan, new clutch, trans and Tcase we’re gone over at shop. I...
  4. SergP

    Brake booster rebuild or replace ..?

    I have remove brake booster (FJ40 1976 with frond disk). The booster is seized. I have spare Asco booster from early model (with one membrane) in working condition. Can I use early brake booster from pre 75 on my 76? I have read here it could be adjusted. Also it is worth to try repair sized...
  5. SergP

    Crank Pulley or belts?

    I just find out what V-belt not fit in the crank pulley. Questions: Can I flip this pulley or Do I need a new one with equal grooves? Can I do two beets set up .. 1-crank pulley to water pump 2- water pump to alternator? Can I used a thin belt ? If I use the second groove.. it looks bad
  6. SergP

    Help need,,, 2f engine turn over with no oil

    I trying turn over 2f engine (with .5 head) with starter for few seconds (without plugs) It is rotate flywheel but very slowly. Can't read compression. No oil in engine. I do used Permatex lube on all bearings. I can turn over by bar with 32-38 ft/Lb torque. Do this torgue number is too high for...
  7. SergP

    Main Bearings ? 2f 1976

    Just look at this old bearings.. how with this bubbles come out? why crankshaft didn't cut them out.. ? .. zoom
  8. SergP

    For Sale  1965 Toyota Landcruiser in ME

    Just found this. Not mine and no affiliation 1000 asking price
  9. SergP

    For Sale  FJ40s for parts

    No affiliation
  10. SergP

    Semi float rear axle: gasket?

    I just working on semi float rear axle (Fj40, 76). PO have installed some gasket between pats 7 and 8 (see picture) Do we need any gasket there? Also basic questions about differential pinion and gears. When I rotate a axle shaft (on unloaded differential) do pinion and main gear should rotate...
  11. SergP

    For Sale  1965 Toyota Landcruiser in NY

    no affiliation 1K in New York From Facebook Marketplace: Cool old barn find Toyota Land Cruiser with plow. Was told it runs the pump on the carb didn’t work so a shot of gas and it would fire and run good, also was told it had no brakes but it comes with a brand new master cylinder. Probably...
  12. SergP

    What year?

    Just found this.. for parts condition . Seller said is 71. Could you all help me with what year this is..? Thanks
  13. SergP

    Toyota FJ40 production video

    Don't know if this was posted before,.. Interesting video of FJ40 production in Japan (in Russian but text in English).
  14. SergP

    1979 (?) FJ40 sold on Craigslist for 3-5 hours

    Just a week ago, I have tracking this 40.. Ii is sold for few hours on NJ Craigslist. List price 500$... 2F engine and hardtop, not running (I guess). My wife stop me at front door... Anyone from Mud see it or have chance to contact seller?
  15. SergP

    Fj40 odometer with more than 100K?

    Ok it maybe completely stupid question. But, how do I read an Fj40 odometer with more than 100K? I see many people listed some "original miles" how they know ? For example: My current odometer currently showing 44xxx miles but the title showing 78xxx in 1983. Do odometer going to "0" after...
  16. SergP

    Early 1976 Fj40 build project

    I have found this 1976 Fj40 with title in some barn on East coast, for my project. It has come with extra parts what I need to sort from boxes. If I’m being honest,.. it looks really really bad for me, buy I will try. I can do many thing by myself. My major concern is the back of the frame. I...
  17. SergP

    NY state registration for FJ40

    Hello. I just thinking to bring FJ40 (with original Toyota engine) to NY from other state. It will be a new project for me. Can anyone tell me any troubles I encountered in registering it? Has anyone done this in New York lately? Also assuming it is possible, should I looking for particular...
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