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  1. Aussiecruiser82

    Empty low loader going from Austin to Fort Collins Tomorrow (1/21/21

    It’s super late notice, but my buddy just drove a Spartan trailer down from Fort Collins to Austin today. He headed back tomorrow and could put two vehicles on his trailer if anyone needs anything taken up to Colorado. Cheers, Lindsay
  2. Aussiecruiser82

    Wanted  Austin, TX - lx470 white passenger mirror

    My passenger mirror doesn’t adjust any more and from what I can tell I’m up for a while new mirror assembly. Window ring if anyone has one to part out. Thanks, Lindsay
  3. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Austin, TX: 2008 LX570

    SOLD - Moving on from the 570. Found a low milage 470 that I will turn into more of an overland rig and at the same time use extra cash to get the missis a new RX. I've priced this low due to needing tires, TPMS sensors and has some scrapes on the rear bumper from backing into a gas pump post...
  4. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Austin, TX: 96/Lexus/LX450

    I'm putting up my 96 LX450 for sale. I've owned it since 2012 and it's been great to me. I believe I am the 4th owner and before moving to Texas last year it's been Colorado car it's whole life. 188K miles with factory lockers. 2" OME lift. I recently replaced the head gasket with genuine Toyota...
  5. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Austin, TX: Factory 80 series sub tank

    I'm just testing the waters on a factory 80 series sub fuel tank setup for a gas truck. I sources all the parts in Australia about 5 years ago and haven't installed them, so it's probably a sign that I won't in the near future. I can add pictures but it's currently wedged in the corner of the...
  6. Aussiecruiser82

    Pick & Pull Recommendations

    Last Friday while I was reaching in the back seat of 80 series a drunk 23 year old side swiped the car and hit the back passenger door. Somehow I wasn't hurt or killed but her insurance company wants to give me a check for repairs. The car is no oil painting so I'm thinking about pocketing the...
  7. Aussiecruiser82

    1FZ-FE Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Tools

    I'm about to tackle the head gasket on my 80 series. While I'm in there I'll be doing the front main oil seal. I am wondering if anyone in the Austin area may have the tools required to remove and install the crankshaft pulley and would be kind enough to lend them out. The pulley bolt needs to...
  8. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Marks Adapter - 6L80E to LandCruiser 4-speed auto HF2A transfer case

    $1000 OBO Got a brand new Marks Adapter to convert the 6L80e to 80 Series transfer case. This does not include the engine mounts. I didn't get them since they don't work in the US trucks. I was going to do a conversion on my 96 but I ended up buying Bloc's already converted. Already in the US...
  9. Aussiecruiser82

    Yet another LS in 96 LX450

    I’ve owned my LX450 for 6 years and knew for the last 3 years the head gasket has been on the way out. An injector went bad on me recently, so this my excuse to I’m take the plunge and swap the 1FZ for a LS. I’m going for my dream configuration, a LS3 variant and a 6l80 transmission. Ideally...
  10. Aussiecruiser82

    New LX570 Wanders

    So I'm the proud new owner of a 2008 LX570. It's got about 115K miles on it and a beautiful machine. The one problem that I cant seem to work out is some erratic steering. The roads I travel on are pretty irregular as there are grooves from studded tires, but I don't think thats an excuse. It...
  11. Aussiecruiser82

    A750F in LX450

    Hey guys, I'm looking at doing an engine transplant and I want to put in the A750F transmission in. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and how they have gotten the shifter to integrate into the 80 center console or what other console they used. I want it to look as stock as possible. If...
  12. Aussiecruiser82

    Gen 4 4runner won't shift into 2 or D

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with a 4runner (03 V8) with a 5 speed not selecting 2, or D. I recently changed the timing belt on my girlfriend's 4runner and was driving it around making sure everything was running smoothly. The car only has 130k miles on it, but has always been...
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