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  1. Mace

    Wanted  Las Vegas 4.10 mini rear axle gearset.

    I need a 4.10 ring and pinion for a toyota 8" rear axle please. Located in Las Vegas. Thanks, Mace
  2. Mace

    FREE  Las Vegas 39x17 PB tires and Stock steel 1990 runner rims

    Free, 39" Pitt Bull tires - They are old and weather cracked but have tons of tread and hold air. I would NOT go 60 mph with them. But they are good for rollers or to kill on a trail. 1990 runner stock steel rims and tires. 15" rims with 30x9.50x15" BFG ko's Tons of tread but over 10...
  3. Mace

    1990 4Runner (The Creampuff)

    So, a buddy called me two nights ago and asked me if I wanted his 1990 4Skinner for 1K. Now, that's about as much info as he gave me. I've never seen the truck, the dude is a serious crappy car collector, he (and the PO) smoked like chimneys, and my wife is not exactly Kosher with me getting...
  4. Mace

    SOLD  WTB 86-96 4Runner alloy rims (Las Vegas)

    Anyone have a set of Stock AL rims from a 86 to 96 Pickup/runner/t100? they were 15x7's and look like this. Thanks, Mace
  5. Mace

    Brake master res hose

    Anyone happen to know the size of the 2" long hose that connects the res to the front of the brake master on a 60? Mine is old and leaky.
  6. Mace

    Bosch 500 series dish washer problems

    My 500 series Bosch dishwasher is suck on "Drain" mode. This generally happens when the pan gets filled with water (or so the internets says). The front door panel insulation is soaked and there is water in the pan. Over the last week, we would periodically find that there was water still in...
  7. Mace

    Wanted  FJ60 Drivers side front turn signal assembly.

    I need a FJ60 front Drivers side (left) turn signal assembly shipped to Las Vegas (89131) Thanks!! Mace
  8. Mace

    MUDShip  12 ft canoe from Portland to Vegas

    I'm picking up a 12 ft poke boat (kayak) and I need it brought down a bit closer to Vegas than Portland. Anyone happen to be making that trip in the near future? I've got friends in sac/tahoe that can probably help as well if it can go there too. :) Thank you!! Mace
  9. Mace

    Wanted  Mini front axle housing

    My 70 series front axle makes the pumpkin want to argue with the oilpan of the 4.3 motor I have. So I'm looking for a minitruck fron t axle housing to replace it. I'll be looking for the corresponding third unless I can make a fjcruiser electric locker fit there lol. Any takers? I know there...
  10. Mace


    Saw one of your branded trucks at the Total Wine and More Store last Saturday in Las Vegas. If I had been driving my 60 I would have said "Hi". Long Rubithon run?
  11. Mace

    MUDShip  Pickstown SD to KOH

    Anyone headed from South Dakota to KOH? I've got a 1/2 cab top that I need moved from there. Thank you!! Mace
  12. Mace

    FJ60 tranny mounts

    Looks like there are two different part #'s based on year (11/1984) for the 60 series tranny mounts. From what I am seeing the only difference is how they bolt to the crossmember. Either a flat xmember or a angled X member. Is that correct? The bolt spacing from mount to the tranny is the...
  13. Mace

    Car hauler deck preservative.

    I just replaced the deck on my 18' car hauler. Ended up using 6, 2x12's and 2 2x6" boards which fit pretty much perfectly. The wood is not pressure treated or dried so I decided to not leave any room in between the boards. We shall see if that was a good choice around here or not. I've...
  14. Mace

    Steering U joints

    Not exactly hardcore, but the knowledge base here is more likely to have an answer. While wheeling yesterday I noticed that my Steering had more slop than it used to. I did some spotting and noticed that the flaming river Steering U joints I used were getting worn out. The bodies and Ears...
  15. Mace

    Best "easy" camping food

    Gonna go on a three day Rubicon run with another 8 people or so. I've got all sorts of ideas on what I like to take, but what do you folks tend to take with you on multi-day camping trips for easy food? I do not want to have to haul a bunch of pots and pans with me. Grill and a single burner...
  16. Mace

    Trade  TH350 or 700R4 adapter/NP203/splitcase adapter

    I have the low profile adapter between a TH350/700R4 (without the output shaft), a 203 rangebox and an unused adapter to mate the 203 to a split t-case. (generic pics from the internets) adapter 203 rangebox I'm looking to trade the 203 rangebox setup for the adapter that goes between a...
  17. Mace

    Home AC help

    So the compressor on my home AC unit s*** the bed. The Warranty company sent out a service person who identified the problem. They ordered a new compressor and it'll arrive soon. My problem is that they new want to use virgin R22 in the system instead of recycling the existing freon. 8 lbs...
  18. Mace

    Axial yeti build

    So, my son won a Yeti build kit at the King of the hammers in Feb. We're working on building it right now and I've picked up a ton of parts including a 4 channel remote and a 2 speed gearbox. My question is what brushed motor to run? With the 2 speed transmission, it looks like I can go...
  19. Mace


    My brother sent me this link on fb and I wanted to see what others thought of the idea. It's a smaller "net" that allows the roll cage to be used as a hammock of sorts. It appears to work well on jeeps. I know the support bars on my 40 would make it not as functional as a seat, but may work...
  20. Mace

    Grizzly Products 20oz Tumber

    So, a couple months ago I ran into the guys from Grizzly Coolers at SEMA Hunting Coolers, Fishing Cooler, Ice Chest . After chatting with one of their representatives for a while I grabbed one of their 20oz tumblers to see how it compares to the other options out there. As with most of the...
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