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  1. scoobiedubes

    Instagram LV Tail Lights

    x2 received a pair of these safely from these guys this past month... No secure way to pay, its all western union, but sounds like enough of us here on mud now have bought from them to say they're legit - so again, thank goodness for Mud! Pricing, however, was a bit to stomach. "beggars can't...
  2. scoobiedubes

    No name Spring Green 1965 FST

    Alright alright, rub it in you two 😡 jk
  3. scoobiedubes

    No name Spring Green 1965 FST

    Maybe I’m just bad luck ;) one that I ended up completely giving up on and rewiring was a 72 that had spent it’s life in AZ. The other that had a lot of wiring issues was a 79, but I believe that one had spent some time out East. FWIW the 61 FJ25 FHT (Warden) I picked up this last year seems to...
  4. scoobiedubes

    No name Spring Green 1965 FST

    I’m always amazed when OEM wiring lasts. I’ve had a couple cruisers where the wiring was so brittle I could never consider saving it - kept chasing down breaks in it. maybe has something to do with the dry heat in AZ? Kudos for being able to save yours!
  5. scoobiedubes

    Reproduction LV Bumper

    Sounds good to me! Count me in for two, if it’s not too late to add one more for me. Thanks Dale for loaning the OEM bumper and thanks Trail Tailor for making the project happen!
  6. scoobiedubes

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    Certainly one you’d feel better about seeing in person before buying - unless it goes cheap. Lots of good parts there. On the plus side, lots of places can do body work. Not having to find lots of parts would be a major bonus. Down side is body work isn’t cheap 😭 28 is bleeding me dry.
  7. scoobiedubes

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    I haven’t seen an easy LV restoration yet :) but maybe I missed it.
  8. scoobiedubes

    Reproduction LV Bumper

    Nice!! Subscribed
  9. scoobiedubes

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    MN + LV doesn’t seem like a good combination. But who knows where it spent it’s whole life. I’ve seen a lot worse on quarter panels. At any rate, someone go save it please :) looks like a great candidate, depending on where the reserve is set / what it sells for.
  10. scoobiedubes

    eBay  1965 FJ45LV in MN

    I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. No affiliation. No photos of the engine bay.
  11. scoobiedubes

    Coming soon to a 45 near you... it's so GIFU

    Looks fantastic Angelo! Here’s an example of a different but similar style of mudflaps i installed on my 45LV a while back. Thought it might help to kind of see how they mounted… I don’t think the grommet would be very visible unless you really got under the truck, maybe inside the wheel well a...
  12. scoobiedubes

    For Sale New amber or red Koito body reflectors

    If you’ve got more coming count me in for 4 red. Thanks for doing all the leg work to get these in - I’ve found some of these in Japan but like @Indygbd mentioned they're usually well over $100 a pair and shipping isn’t cheap either.
  13. scoobiedubes

    3D printed LV handles Gaskets sets

    I’m not sure if he has the time or not but if you’re still having trouble finding someone to make these, our 3D and molding guru here in mud @thecrazygreek might be willing to have a look and give his opinions and expertise?
  14. scoobiedubes

    For Sale 1961 rolling chassis

    Assume you’ve got this up in Indiana? No longer in AZ?
  15. scoobiedubes

    ( MAJOR NEW UPDATE ) 90999-00022 are these FJ45LV Wagon key blanks ? OR these Other ones 90999-00021

    I’ll take two pairs if you’ve got enough - the 28 is going to have LV hardware as well
  16. scoobiedubes


    A BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood indeed!
  17. scoobiedubes

    SOLD FJ40 Split Windshield Frame.

    Something you don’t see every day that’s for sure! Nice find JB!!
  18. scoobiedubes

    Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Teaser photos… Pullmax is up and running, dies are made and these are going to be some nice patch panels I can tell! Learning an awful lot about how steel panels were formed back in the day… I like how this is going now, I feel more like part of the “body” part of this project than I did at the...
  19. scoobiedubes

    Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Thanks! I did get the correct F135 manual thanks to @red66toy and machine shop is “on it”. Fingers crossed.
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