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  1. Mr Chuck Norris

    For Sale  SW WA - Method NV 17" wheels + LT265/70R17 BFG KO2s + Toytec lift spacers

    Set of 4 Method 305 NV machined face wheels. 17" x 8.5", 6 x 5.5 / 139.7 lug pattern, 0mm offset / 4.75" BS. No damage at all and in great shape. Includes the unused center caps - wheels are 108mm center bore, and the caps act as hubcentric rings to 106.1mm Toyota/Lexus center bore. Gorilla...
  2. Mr Chuck Norris

    Suspension planning... Looking for GX experience with mid-to-higher end products

    The GX is due for some suspension lovin. Current status: 1/2" Toytec spacer in the front, 265/70r17 32" BFG KO2s on Method wheels, and... That's it. It just rolled over 120k and the OEM front shocks are getting a bit moist around the seals, the rears aren't feeling as good as they used to...
  3. Mr Chuck Norris

    GX470 headliner removal - HELP!

    The sunroof was getting slower and slower in my GX, but I needed to open it to clean out the clogged sunroof drains... now it's stuck and I need to remove it to get it moving again. I'm in the process of removing the headliner: I have EVERYTHING removed except for the headliner itself (pillar...
  4. Mr Chuck Norris

    Wanted  9.5" 5.29 ARB Differential

    I'm posting this before I dive into having another diff built... I'm really hoping that someone has a good complete third member that I can just drop in and run. Toyota 9.5" Good 5.29 gears from a reputable brand Fully functional ARB air locker Can be a semi-float or full-float locker, I'll be...
  5. Mr Chuck Norris

    Feeler: Bozeman MT to Vancouver WA

    I'm looking at buying some diffs and maybe a whole axle from Bozeman, and regular shipping or freight will be pretty expensive... Is anybody planning a trip this way with some room to spare? I'm definitely willing to compensate for your time and gas. Thanks!
  6. Mr Chuck Norris

    Post editing

    I can't seem to edit any of my posts... is something turned off for me? I've never ran into this problem on the many other forums I've been on but I feel like a noob right now. Thanks! :beer:
  7. Mr Chuck Norris

    98 4runner... slowest build thread ever

    98 4runner... slowest daily driver build thread ever Disclaimer: This is going to be more of a picture repository for the random work and upgrades I do and the places I go in the 4runner, though there will be some occasional cool stuff. I'm in college full time at the moment so my truck budget...
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