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  1. AlpineAccess

    MUDShip  Need: Maryland to Colorado - Ship a Trailer.

    Cancelling this request. Thank you to those that reached out to assist.
  2. AlpineAccess

    Tough Dog adjustable rears contacting shock mount

    Just installed these and noticed this. Tried mounting them both directions on the shock posts. Plan to call TT on Monday but curious what others installs have looked like. Am going to try to keep the miles off it until then. The shock body is definitely rubbing here.
  3. AlpineAccess

    Who's Replaced Their Power Steering Pump?

    My PS pump has been a little noisier than my other 4.7 pumps were since I bought this vehicle, but within the last 6 months the whine has increased a little every month or so. It is still not noisy enough to be heard with the windows up, but I am sure that if the weather was colder it would be...
  4. AlpineAccess

    Odd tone change to start up buzzer on '99

    When putting the key in and starting up, the typical start up tone has what sounds like an echo to it from a different speaker that is raspy/buzzing/slightly different tone. Not sure what to make of it. I assume the start up/warning tones are coming from their own computer under/near the...
  5. AlpineAccess

    Free Recovery Boards with an Iron Man Lift Kit

    Just thought it was a good deal if anyone is in the market for a full kit.
  6. AlpineAccess

    For Sale  100 Series: OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks

    I have a set of used Nitrochargers with under 10k miles on them. I bought them as part of a package deal when I was buying a local guys UCA's after his cruiser died. I have new OEM shocks and haven't installed these. All hardware is included, shaft guards included. Will upload some...
  7. AlpineAccess

    Anyone have a picture or diagram of the hose orientation on the idle up valve?

    I replaced my idle-up vac hoses about a month ago and feel weird about the orientation of my hoses. I pulled them both while replacing and am now wondering if someone with a stock cruiser would mind taking a picture of their idle up hoses and the orientation the plug into the valve. I haven't...
  8. AlpineAccess

    Front Lower Control Arm Bushings @ 185k

    Who has replaced their lower control arm bushings? I've read as much as I can around here, but haven't found a consensus on doing these other than they are a pain. I'm replacing the uppers with adjustable, and know that those bushings are worn out. The lowers I can't tell, they seemed pretty...
  9. AlpineAccess

    Mods can Delete

    Think I sorted this one.
  10. AlpineAccess

    Headlight Adjustment Made Easy

    Just finished my projector retrofit and shared over in that thread a tool I used which makes headlight adjustment a breeze. You'll need a driver to socket adapter to use it. Any drill - right angle attachment will work but the low-profile of this tool makes it very easy to use. I use it for...
  11. AlpineAccess

    What's in your junk drawer? Cruiser Mcgyvers inquire within.

    I've been lugging around a small box of stuff in my Toyotas for over ten years and so far have been able to mcgyver my way out of most issues using a 120 piece toolset and the stuff in my "junk drawer". It's become a joke between the folks we hit the trail with, that when something breaks or we...
  12. AlpineAccess

    SOLD  100 series new OEM front driveshaft

    Bought a new front D/S to see if it was the source of a front end vibration I have. It wasn't the driveshaft and so I swapped my stock shaft back in. Toyota part number 37140-60370 Has under ten miles on it. $200 shipping included CONUS. My LC is a '99. I believe this is the same shaft for...
  13. AlpineAccess

    Help with some vac line part #s.

    Looking for help on these part numbers for the vacuum hoses. Couple of small hoses I can buy the generic sizes from Toyota but the ones snaking up from by the PS pump to the top of the intake manifold and to the air box I need to get the specific parts due to all of the bends. Trying to find...
  14. AlpineAccess

    craigslist  Denver: lx. Avoid this one.

    Denver LX Looks like a steal if it's in good shape. Edit:. Not a good deal and sketchy seller. AVOID, based on feedback from members.
  15. AlpineAccess

    craigslist  2002 100 in Denver on Facebook Marketplace

    2002 in denver I'm not affiliated. Sounds like some expensive maintenance has been caught up on and could be a good foundation for somebody.
  16. AlpineAccess

    craigslist  1998 100 in Denver - Looks nice

    I don't get on facebook but my wife lets me use her account to look for cruiser parts. This one popped up in our local marketplace. Not sure if it has locker, but looks very nice. Facebook Marketplace Land Cruiser
  17. AlpineAccess

    Need help ID'ing cooling system part #

    I believe this is the rear outlet pipe, but can't find a part diagram to nail it down. Called local dealership and parts guy spent 30 min looking and couldn't with a degree of certainty order the right part. I've grabbed a few pictures from other folks in the middle of starter jobs, as it is...
  18. AlpineAccess

    Trade  100 series rear lower CA, Loveland CO

    Trade it for beer or any other 100 series stuff you might have. These are too nice to go in the trash with only 90k on them. Uploaded detailed pictures of condition. P.O. at 90k dealer put in new arms to try to reduce driveline clunk. At 182k now so these have a little over 90k on them...
  19. AlpineAccess

    Possible to break classifieds out by series?

    Might not be seeing how to do this. I'm hoping to not have to scroll all posts to parts, for example. Not seeing if this is possible or not.
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