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  1. shiretowndown

    LEAK! Transfer case? Diff lock? I’m new

    What’s your best diagnosis of this leak from these photos? This is the center diff and some black box attached to it. The transfer case doesnt seem to be leaking….it’s the black box and particularly it’s “skid plate” that is drippy.
  2. shiretowndown

    1st 4Runner Acquisition

    Hi All, just purchased an ‘04 SR5 V8 with 258k miles. Runs and drives so smooth. Needs valve cover gaskets so I’m doing the pressure control valve too. I have the VSC TRAC and TRAC OFF lights but I’ve found some info on these I’m looking into. Look forward to finding out about and enjoying the...
  3. shiretowndown

    NEW (to me) RIG POST - 2001 LX470 241,000 miles

    Good Sunday Morning fellow ih8mudders, Just letting everyone know about my recent purchase ($6k, 2 weeks ago): “Ducky” is a 2001 Lexus LX470 with ~241,000 miles. I am still determining Paint Color, where can I find paint code? The condition is puzzling to me with mileage and geographical...
  4. shiretowndown

    Dash Restoration

    In nitpicking my ‘01 LX I am wondering if any of you restoration guys have come across the issue in the picture below...if so, any idea on how to repair before I lose the thin film?
  5. shiretowndown


    Purchased an ‘01 LX this afternoon with 240k on the odometer. This is my 3rd LX. My CEL is on and PO446 is the code. I will be replacing the fuel filler cap 77300-53010 pronto. What are my next steps? obviously I will visually inspect system but any video links/tips/tricks to checking the...
  6. shiretowndown

    SOLD  Florence, AL: 2006 LX470 136,000 mi

    $19,500 (256) 627-0700 My daily driver. Excellent mechanical. Good cosmetically. Everything works very well. NEW Timing Belt NEW Water Pump NEW Serp Belt NEW Alternator i have flushed AHC and flushed Rear, Center a
  7. shiretowndown

    Radiator Overflow Maintenance

    Good Afternoon, I noticed the infamous “pink crusty” buildup at top of my radiator at overflow hose connection. Does this indicate a brittle plastic connection and this a potential leak hazard in my future? It just reminds me of the Heater T sign of wear n tear.
  8. shiretowndown

    Brake 'n' Shake - '08 Sequoia

    Not finding any material on here to help with my issue. I have a 2008 Sequoia with a ReadyLift Lift 'n' Level kit. I'm running 2017 Tundra rims and BFG KO2 tires. I recently had pads and rotors replaced at a local shop tire and wheel shop and I have already warrantied out the rotors once for...
  9. shiretowndown

    Partsouq - Genuine?

    Good Afternoon guys, These Partsouq prices are stupid cheap compared to walking up to my local Toyota Parts Dept. desk and ordering...... So are they genuine parts? Anybody received multiple orders/parts from this site and perceived them Genuine Toyota? Thanks,
  10. shiretowndown

    First Aid Kit - Refresh

    I was just given my LX’s First Aid kit by previous owner (found in his garage). As I appreciate my vehicle as stock as possible I began to wonder if any of you veterans has maintained or refreshed your genuine kits? My Ibuprofen is almost 3 yrs expired
  11. shiretowndown

    LX Lower Tailgate Hardware Part #’s

    Good Morning Hundy Friendos, The quarantine continues to allow me to nitpick my LX (I like to think of it as a long, slow vehicle restoration). Anyone know how to come by the part#’s for these tailgate hardware items? 1. Lower Tailgate Screws/Bolts (3) 2. Lower Tailgate Striker/Latch 3...
  12. shiretowndown

    AHC Pressures & Torsion Bar Adjustment - Looking For Friendlies

    Good Morning H.O.T.S. group, Some of you may have seen that I recently acquired an '06 LX here in the Shoals. I had accuired a nice '03 out of Bham in the fall of 2018 drove it for several months and sudden AHC adjustments by the vehicle scared me so I sold it (foolish:bang:). Fast forward to 2...
  13. shiretowndown

    100 Series Wrench Set

    Wanted to tap into the collective think tank here with a question: What are the common nut/bolt sizes on our LC/LX trucks? mm obviously. I have an opportunity to buy some Craftsman open end, closed end ratchet, sockets, socket driver, etc and wanted to take the opportunity to assemble a sort...
  14. shiretowndown

    Tailgate Door jamb...jam. What’s in yours?

    Well, another Corona project. As my dad always told me during Detailing 101, “Son, always check your doorjams.” The little debris around my tailgate jam cover plate was irritating me when I was vacuuming so I decided to remove the 5 screws and take it off. I sucked up a lot of sunflower...
  15. shiretowndown

    Radio Antenna Care/Maint.

    This is what it’s come to yall, Corona projects. This is a post about our telescoping radio antennae. I was motivated by Mr. Kent at this link: Following his instructions I purchased some synthetic sewing machine oil from Amazon: Liberty Oil, the Best 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating All...
  16. shiretowndown

    Downshift Clunk(s) - When arriving at stop

    Good Afternoon, I hope everyone is staying healthy and virus free! Stay healthy out there! I have a 2006 LX that just crossed the 130k mark and I am noticing (sometimes louder than others) 1-2 "clunks" as my LX downshifts (from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st maybe?) as I brake the vehicle when...
  17. shiretowndown

    Wanted  N. Alabama: ‘04-‘07 LX470

    Wondering if there are any well-kept LX470’s for sale in the North Alabama vicinity?
  18. shiretowndown

    Wanted  ‘99 or ‘00 LC, Less than 170k miles, prefer odd colors like red, green or bronze

    I am looking for a 1999 or 2000 LC that has been well taken care of and is stock condition with 170k or less. I like the red/burgundy, greens, blue or bronze colors.
  19. shiretowndown

    New Sequoia Owner, “Big Burgundy”

    Ok so I sold my ‘03 LX470 and now I’ve got an ‘08 Sequoia....and I am really liking it. She’s an SR5 with 161k on the clock and heated leather, rear entertainment and JBL Synth. Has the ReadyLift 3”F/2”R SST lift kit installed riding on BFG all-terrains. Couple of questions: (1) I really...
  20. shiretowndown

    For Sale  03 LX470 CLEAN CLEAN 228k TBelt & Pump New

    Florence, Alabama $11,000 228k Stock Vehicle I just replaced the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt and oil pressure sending unit. No rust. All power options work well. Southern truck. Known issues: - Radio antennae does not retract. It’s a stalk issue not a antennae motor issue. -...
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