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  1. WesSiler

    Great KDSS Video From Toyota

  2. WesSiler

    New Windshield, Dealer Won't Recalibrate Sensors

    Took the truck in for its 10,000 miles service this morning, and had the windshield replaced at the same time. Dealer (Ressler Toyota in Bozeman) says it can't/wont/isn't allowed to reset the related sensors "because the truck is lifted." Warning lights for lane departure, headlamp...
  3. WesSiler

    Identify these Tamiya Paris-Dakar Wheels?

    Does anyone know if the wheels on this model ever existed in real life? If so, does anyone have images of them?
  4. WesSiler

    Mounting bracket for fog lights on 2016+ ARB Summit bumper

    If anyone's taking a bumper off, having one fitted, or has a spare part lying around: would you mind sending me detailed photos and measurements of how the fog lights mount to the ARB Summit bumper for 2016+ models? KC is offering to fab a bracket to mount its new Flex Era3 or 4 lights in there...
  5. WesSiler

    OME Rear Spring Selection Help?

    In putting together our suspension package, I think I selected too heavy a rear spring. Ride's just a little bouncy. Thinking about adjusting the rear BP-51s a little softer in compression and stiffer in rebound to compensate, but also think I installed the springs on the wrong sides of the...
  6. WesSiler

    Anyone know Lux for stock headlights?

    For help with an article. Preferably 2016+, but honestly any figure would help.
  7. WesSiler

    For Sale  MT: Like New OE Suspension and Body Parts off 4k mile 2020 200 series

    I just did the Tundra-parts long travel suspension thing to my wife's new 200, and had ARB bumpers fitted, so have a bunch of virtually new parts we don't need anymore. I'm going to individually list the suspension parts below with prices (figure a reasonable formula is half what these list for...
  8. WesSiler

    OE Long Travel 200

    My now-wife and I moved to Montana two years ago. I wanted to give her the ability to confidently enjoy everything the state has to offer, without relying on having me along. I explored the reasons why we ended up with a 200-series here: The Last of the V-8 Overlanders After the wedding trip to...
  9. WesSiler

    Anyone mounted a Pelican Case or Alubox inside rear cargo area?

    Long story short, we need the rear cargo area to carry ~300 pounds of dog. So, I've removed the third row and have decided to forgo a drawer system. But, I would like to find a solution to carry a recovery strap, tree strap, snatch block, winch controller, shackles, a tire repair kit, and a few...
  10. WesSiler

    Third Row Removal is Super Easy

    Just figured I'd share this all in one place so people can find it. Pulled out the third row and its seatbelts today: Tools needed: 14mm socket, ratchet, extension. All the trim can be pulled with your hands alone. Just pop out the outside covers off each seat leg at a time, and each will...
  11. WesSiler

    Anyone recommend a cargo barrier?

    Hey guys, did a search and didn't see any other threads on this, hope it's not a repeat. Has anyone seen a good, strong cargo barrier for the 200 series? Want something that goes behind the second row, to retain some rambunctious mutts. Thanks, Wes
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