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  1. 1Rower

    For Sale  Sold - 1966 Fj40 all original - Sold

    Don't have the time for this project vehicle like i thought i would. All original parts, some rust, but not too far gone. originally bought in PA with a notarized bill of sale.( no title) garage kept &/or covered for the entire time I've owned it. Engine holds compression, but PO took out brake...
  2. 1Rower

    1965/66 FJ-40 Restore

    I am fairly new to since I just acquired a 1966 FJ-40 in fairly decent shape. Yep, it has bondo all over. I am hoping to do a classic restore on it. It has a straight 6,three on the tree. The wheel wells and some of the floor boards are toast. There is a bit of rust on the...
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