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    TEQ Grille Badges

    Thanks for confirming.. I received your email as well, so we should be all set.. thanks
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    TEQ Grille Badges

    Hey Mark so I just placed the order for 1 and it was completed with no issues.. but I didn't realize you changed the design (based on what I'm seeing here). So is the design different from the one showing on your link??
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    FJ40 4 speed toyota gear box with T-case mated to 1KZ-TE

    The engine was sold without the transmission, so I was planning on using the stock 4 speed transmission currently sitting on my FJ40.
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    FJ40 4 speed toyota gear box with T-case mated to 1KZ-TE

    I wanted to ask if there has been anyone out there done this conversion on their FJ40's so far? I want to see what my options could be as I just got a 1KZ-TE complete engine without a transmission to install on my 1966 FJ40. Any info is appreciate it. Thanks
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    Interest in 40 & 55 Series grille badges?

    Hi.. I'm in for 2 red and silver for FJ40.. here is my email address for details: Please let me know. Thanks
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    Any other cruisers in Costa Rica?

    Hi guys, a Tico cruiser owner checking-in. Very interesting info you guys are sharing here.. I got a FJ40 1966 which I love.. I'm about to start a huge project on it to swapping the big F series engine (2F set up rebuilt) for a 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine from a wrecked 2005 Land Cruiser Prado I...
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    FJ40 Transfer Case mated on a 4x2 transmission

    Hello All, I'm new here but a big fan on all threats that has to be with technical info on FJ40 modifications. I have a 1966 FJ40 with a 2F engine and 4speed transmission of a BJ40. I have decided to go and start a project of swapping the old 2F for a 2006 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine in pretty...
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