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  1. suprarx7nut

    Steering still feels loose after all new control arms and tie-rod ends

    What feels loose? Dead spot in the center? Slop at all times? Check rack bushings and rack play in general. I recently drove a CLS500. That's not even a "sporty" Mercedes, but holy cow did that reset my steering feel expectations. The 100 handles pretty terribly, even at its very best. You can...
  2. suprarx7nut

    The Story of Blue

    Time for a new rear sensor. I'd go genuine Toyota.
  3. suprarx7nut

    I hate my ’07 LX OEM stereo/climate control system!!!!

    I wouldn't sully an 06/07 with those cheap Tesla imitation units. Doing that stuff well takes WAY more than those no-name companies are putting into it. Search the forum here and you will find multiple people that went through ALL the trouble of install only to later remove because the thing...
  4. suprarx7nut

    The Story of Blue

    11 should be good. If the rear is bouncy with multiple spring combos check rear sensor (or replace it if you have a good OEM one handy). Do not use any aftermarket sensors. They are generally garbage. If you have access to techstream or another AHC data tool, hook that up and watch the sensor...
  5. suprarx7nut

    Gas tank building excessive pressure & fuel smell. Dangerous for sure! Why does this happen?

    If you have vapors venting into the engine bay, I think you have a different fault than normal. The evap system should shut itself off when excess pressure is recognized. That should then lead to the gas cap venting (unless you've modified/swapped to a sealed gas cap). Unless the pre 06 models...
  6. suprarx7nut

    Should I repair or replace CV axel?

    I think that's a reasonable price tag for the job. FWIW, I think the shop is in line. You consumed their most valuable resource (regardless of whether of not that benefitted you) and now they're not getting any business. I would never take the customer's word for it on repair needs, especially...
  7. suprarx7nut

    Gas tank building excessive pressure & fuel smell. Dangerous for sure! Why does this happen?

    IMO, absolutely a hazard and should not be opened. Let the safety relief do it's thing (IE keep it closed). I understand the urge to vent it quickly, but best to just let it vent and if you've got liquid misting out prepare any onboard extinguisher you have.
  8. suprarx7nut

    LX470 or Tacoma?

    LX is much nicer, but much more $$ to keep that way. Looking to class up your life a bit and willing to pay to make it happen? LX. Seeking simplicity? Keep what you have.
  9. suprarx7nut

    Broken CV axle

    Manual states to hit the inner lip outward with brass. Yanking on it is definitely the "wrong" approach, but I suspect it shouldn't result in the cv falling apart. Are those aftermarket?
  10. suprarx7nut

    A Few Questions Before I Buy

    Solid choice, thanks!
  11. suprarx7nut

    A Few Questions Before I Buy

    Congrats! Enjoy that AHC! Engine cover thing for posterity: I would look at that negatively if I were buying a 100. It's not meaningful itself, but it indicates the owner or a mechanic was careless. If they couldn't keep track of the massive engine cover, what else did they neglect to do or do...
  12. suprarx7nut

    replacing AHC globes/accumulators

    I would not reuse. Flushing 6 qts isn't unreasonable, imo. It's hard to get all the old out. Buy fluid via mcgeorge. $17 a bottle.
  13. suprarx7nut

    Dog owners with drawers?

    I'm a part owner of Air Down Gear Up, so you know my answer on how satisfied I am with the system! :) Locking drawers: Yes, definitely doable. Ease of adding that depends if you're looking simple child safety or a sealed vault. We don't offer one built in, but the system is very DIY friendly...
  14. suprarx7nut

    AirDownGearUp SS1: Storage, Sleeper and Drawer System for 200 series

    Double Sleeping Platform and a fridge/cooler: Yes, but you'll be removing the cooler/fridge if you want to sleep. You can strap a fridge or cooler to the platform with the sleeper fully deployed or stowed, but not during the transition. One option for those seeking a fridge is to go with a...
  15. suprarx7nut

    Just bought a 2021 LX and considered selling my 03 LX …

    I'm unsure on the mirrors. Haven't dealt with any misbehavior on those. A little more info of what it's doing (or failing to do) might help trigger some ideas from folks here.
  16. suprarx7nut

    Key Fob Case

  17. suprarx7nut

    Just bought a 2021 LX and considered selling my 03 LX …

    I published a video with a cheat sheet that walks you through most of it. It requires very little in the way of mechanics. It's all about measuring. If you want to take a very easy and quick pass at learning more about your globes, you could do the gradation test. This should be done after...
  18. suprarx7nut

    Just bought a 2021 LX and considered selling my 03 LX …

    Unless it's extremely rusty, there's nearly no chance the system needs to be deleted. That's the lazy way out that costs more and yields a worse suspension ride. There's tons of good info on the system and how to do the basic/easy/cheap maintenance that's almost always neglected (because of...
  19. suprarx7nut

    2003 LX: SAS...or Sell

    Dedication right there. Hard to see the long term projects like that through. Congrats on reaching the "end". Of course, we now expect more action shots.
  20. suprarx7nut

    Having a hard time justifying the cost....

    An XJ and a 100 series are a world apart. A low mile, clean 100 is a $60-70k vehicle right now. Values are increasing. Likely bottomed out 2-4 years ago. As more time goes on it becomes clearer and cleared that few vehicles are built like a Land Cruiser. And that drives the price up and up and...
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