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  1. bctlex

    busted ignition

    Now that I have gone thru this whole ordeal, personally I would not proactively replacing this rod. But understand if you want to do it as preventative maintenance. Mine is a 1998 with almost ~248K miles when the rod broke. What I did was I took the broken rod (the big piece) out which is...
  2. bctlex

    busted ignition

    The manual tilt is 45280-60460 per Toyota dealer. My order for my 1998 Land Cruiser is on its way. I am not sure about the electric tilt part #.
  3. bctlex

    Is this the correct rod for ignition switch

    How does the cheap rod work so far? Still working fine?
  4. bctlex

    busted ignition

    Haven't driven the LC much lately due to the pandemic. I was filling up gas and the stupid rod snapped two days ago. Managed to get some help to push her to the side so we are not blocking the gas pump. The parking spot was on a slight incline and it took 4 adults to push her. She is a heavy...
  5. bctlex

    Autozone Dayco Top Radiator Hose

    Thanks! Any problem beside needing to trim? My radiator is cracked and have a replacement on the way. I am thinking to replace both top and bottom hose while I am at it.
  6. bctlex

    AT Oil Temp at Highway Speed When Climbing Mystery

    I am in the middle of long road trip, from KY to Vegas, with lots of stops in Colorado. Different year and tranny LC here (mine is MY 1998). I have scangauge installed. I think the highest AT temp I have seen in ~180F (engine temp ~204F) while climbing steep mountains in Colorado. I do turned...
  7. bctlex

    Events/Trails 9th Annual 100s in the Hills *SILVERTON COLORADO* July 24-29 2019

    Apology for hijacking this thread. To make long story short we drove from KY to Las Vegas for vacation/ business conference. Now on the way back to KY but want to detour a bit. We are currently staying overnight in Grand Junction and planning to go to Silverton area for sightseeing tomorrow and...
  8. bctlex

    RTH Boiling gas under the hood?

    Thank you for quick reply. Appreciate it!
  9. bctlex

    RTH Boiling gas under the hood?

    Sorry about that, video posted above. Thanks!
  10. bctlex

    RTH Boiling gas under the hood?

    Hi all, 1998 LC 240K. I was in Estes Park, Colorado, elevation ~7500. I am hearing this buzzing sound from under the hood. It seem to come from this "thing", not sure what is the name. See the video. Apology for quality of the video, that was taken in parking lot with engine off. Temp was about...
  11. bctlex

    Wheeler Offroad "Superbumps" installed.

    Got mine installed, so far really like it. Like you said it make the car more linear. I notice it immediately when taking this big corner near my house, the LC is noticeably more composed. Not a sport car by any means, but the extra control when turning is welcomed. I also notice that when...
  12. bctlex

    99 Cruiser with 370k... Great Price. Would you?

    I replaced my shocks right after I bought mine ~200K (I do not remember the exact miles). They were in poor shape. The shocks should have been replaced much sooner. I then replaced steering rack bushings and that improved the steering feel a lot. I can not imagine how they can still work at...
  13. bctlex

    Wheeler Offroad "Superbumps" installed.

    I just got mine. I also feel a bit stiff. I guess I was kinda expecting to be a softer material. I can not squeeze these with both of my hands pushing toward each other. Is yours like this too? Do you still like it after several months? I am going to install mine tomorrow.
  14. bctlex

    Coolant level and smell. Help in Breckenridge.

    Echoing ^^. Water is for emergency, understanding that PO is far from home and with family in tow. Coolant should be used ideally, but when one is far away from home, trying to find an local Toyota dealer (or part store with Asian Zerex) is probably not easy task. I do think driving around with...
  15. bctlex

    Coolant level and smell. Help in Breckenridge.

    If the car is COLD, I would open the radiator, add water there and replace the cap. Do not do this when HOT, it will be under pressure. I would also add water to max in the bottle, and mark it with a pencil or something. Check often see if the level goes down. If it does, you can kinda guess the...
  16. bctlex

    Coolant level and smell. Help in Breckenridge.

    Another vote for Zerex Asian. I just flushed my LC with this, good stuff imo. Has the heater T been replaced? If leaking, it maybe difficult to see. Understand you are far from home, but if all possible, use distilled water instead of tap water. Most grocery store should have it. Keep a...
  17. bctlex

    The best Headlight bulb on the market today.

    I am not a fan of halogen bulbs that has the blue filter/coating. I think those are less bright than the regular/clear bulbs - lots of info on internet on these. I just replaced my 9006 with 9012. From my research, there are 3 different type of 9012 bulbs. 9012LL - long life but believe the...
  18. bctlex

    Coolant flush questions compilation

    In the middle of flushing the system with distilled water. I find out the easiest way to access the block drain on the passenger side is to jack up the truck a few inches, then I can reach the bolt using extension and flex joint adapter from top of the tire. First picture is taken from the wheel...
  19. bctlex

    Replace steering rack bushings question

    Sorry for late reply here. I am pretty sure I greased everything to make it easier to install. Just like what @zulufoxtrot said:
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