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    2000 LX470 300k Refresh

    Hey CapnSpaulding, Sure were not related?? I just bought the 293,000 mile LX-470 out of Tempe AZ. off Craigslist and I'm in Tulsa OK. Lots of Lexus service history, and lots of money thrown at it from independent shops over the years. I am going to follow your experiences/repairs with yours! I'm...
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    Wheres CDan??

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Guys! I'm off to order parts. And, THANK YOU in advance to any others who post supplier advice. Thanks Richard
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    Wheres CDan??

    Hello all, it's been a while but I'm back on here looking for Knowledge & Parts. Where is CDan? I just picked up the little Creampuff 100 series 290,000mi LX470 off Craigslist in Tempe AZ. and am going to baseline it starting with TB/WP, fan bracket, cam & crank seals, bypass hose, all idlers...
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    For Sale delete

    BOUGHT IT! Near Perfect vehicle. I posted details in "Current 200 Prices"
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    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    Just purchased the MUD advertised 2009 LX570 , White with Beige leather in Collage Station TX. The seller/dealer pulled down/deleted the ad due to some MUD members (brothers) who think they are the ones setting market value due to what they "heard" what one similar sold for. Poor guy, he pulled...
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    Wanted Anybody near Hutchinson, KS that can lay eyes on an 80 for me?

    I "may" be going to Wichita on a delivery early next week. I saw the one your talking about, does it sound good talking to the owner?
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    Wanted 1995-1997 land cruiser

    Thesteelstring, take your time and search Craigslist and you WILL find a Toyota LC or Lexus LX450 for the price range you posted. Patience! I just bought a 1997 LX450 off Craigslist in Boise ID. a couple weeks ago for $4300.00. It had been posted for 12 hours when I found the ad. Its a 2 owner...
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    For Sale 1992 - 189k - NO rust- super clean - $4,500

    Yes Sir it is my opinion. I STRONGLY looked at this one before my purchase and the AC made the difference.
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    For Sale 91 FJ80 OME lift/ 33s/ clean title $8000

    How Motivated.........?
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    1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary edition ready for parts! Cruiserparts

    Hello, how much for both front seats ? I will pick up. Thanks
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    eBay Clean 95 TLC 80 series 193k miles AZ

    It "sold" on Ebay for $7200.00...did the deal fall through?
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    Wanted  Jack, and accessories

    Hello all, I just bought a '97 TLC Collector's. I need the jack and all handles and rods needed to let the spare tire down. Please quote price with shipping to Eunice NM. 88231. Thanks Richard 918-639-0400
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