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  1. 80 Series Al

    Sudden long brake pedal travel!?! #amigonnahitatree?

    Uhhh guys,.,Why does it feel like I lost a ton of brake pressure last night and I have like 50% more pedal travel,.,.stops kinda good I guess.. but that pedal travel even makes it take longer,.,.it bites,.,.but not til I'm at the floor,.,.my abs light is on,.,.kinda weird,.,.if I spool up the...
  2. 80 Series Al

    Holy hell Batman! Somethings living inside my air filter box!

    Oh man I just checked that filter at the bottom of the air filter was FILLED to the brim with pellets about the size of large dog food not a mouse... I checked and no...rat poop filter is not oem spec. Soooo cant wait to find a carcus in the air box havent checked yet!
  3. 80 Series Al

    Baselining my 1997 fzj80 3xlocked Rust Bucket of Hope! 🙏🙏🙏

    What's up guys, I hit won the bid on an ebay auction and here we are! *skip to post #4 for baselining list etc* The Good: Detroit area truck Hamtramck actually $2,700 won the bid with one second left! 1997 fzj80 in Black! 268,xxx miles (runs smooooth) No factory roof rack Factory locking hubs...
  4. 80 Series Al

    Mystery parts HELP identify pls&thx

    Hey guys I gotta know what this stuff is... lol I just picked up a 97 black pretty stock but it had these parts in a box of spare stuff the PO gave me. Well the handle was in there. In the panel where the stock jack is I found a hookup for a trailer (not sure if factory option?) And this "heater...
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