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  1. pbreisch

    How much steering play is normal off road

    On road the steering wheel on the LC is tight and tracks straight. Off road I notice that the wheel knocks and rotates a bit. Even as I am typing this up it seems like the answer is "no duh" but it just feels kind of weird. Figured I would ask here. How much "play" is too much?
  2. pbreisch

    2006 Black LC baseline and build

    Current: After searching for a year, I finally picked up a 06 LC100 last week. The carfax showed 2 owners and was clean of accidents but was lacking some maintenance records. The vehicle showed signs of maintenance being done (stickers in the engine compartment, newish brakes, etc.) so I...
  3. pbreisch

    Price check on 95 80 Series

    I am going to look at this truck today, they are asking $9500 which seems a bit steep. 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser - Swan Import Auto Service & Sales It has (relatively) low miles and is a one owner, but is missing lockers and best I can tell hasn't had the head gasket replaced or the phh. I...
  4. pbreisch

    Thinking about buying a truck site unseen... pics included

    I am up in Detroit and trying to find a clean southern ride. I have been in talks with a few dealers and have gotten some pics sent back. What do you guys think of this 2003? There seems to be some surface rust along bits of the frame, but nothing that has me freaking out. This vehicle is in...
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