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  1. Erwin

    40 Roof Resto Writeup

    When I started fixing up my 40 roof I did not find much info on this, so I made a little writeup. Since I have a blog I have put the text here:
  2. Erwin

    Black smoke from B engine

    I have a 1976 BJ40 (B engine) that has been rebuilt over the last 10 years. Now it is running again, but with a few problems. When I push the accelerator hard it puffs out some really black smoke. I cannot say it did that 10 years ago, but I'm not sure. I did not touch the engine as such as it...
  3. Erwin

    Can this roof be saved?

    I have this 40 roof with a lot of small cracks. I was hoping it only was the outer paint that was cracked, but after trying to grind it they dont seem to disappear. I have not grinded trough the top coat into the glass fiber yet. My plan was to coat it with epoxy primer and then a top coat of...
  4. Erwin

    DIY Intercom unit for overlanding and off-road

    There is a lot of noise in a Land Cruiser. And when driving on bad roads or off-road, it is very noisy. When you also hear a little bad like I do, it becomes a problem to talk to the sidekick, or hear what is being said over the radio. This gave birth to the idea of an intercom system. It...
  5. Erwin

    Overland build 78 (and 80)

    I got this 2001 78 2 years ago. The car had a pop-up roof and some old trashed interior. I tore this out and rebuilt all of it. I have a blog where you can read about the building, water, diesel heater etc. Also some 80 build stuff in there, and a summary of my 10 year of overlanding experience...
  6. Erwin

    Welding and sheet metal work

    I have made a few writeups and my blog from things I have learned when frame-off restoring a 40. The writeup is a guide to some common problems you encounter when welding and do steel work on cars. The focus is on the use of basic tools, expensive tools like English wheel is not covered...
  7. Erwin

    Painting and rust protection writeup

    I have nearly finished my 8 year 40 frame-off resto. When starting I had only rattle-can painted, but after reading on the net, and get my youtube exam, I started shooting. Results are OK. Since I have a blog on overlanding and technical stuff I made a writeup there. It is pretty long.. How to...
  8. Erwin

    Poll: 40 or 42 hardtop

    I have this 1976 BJ40 which I have restored, frame off. Now it is time for the hardtop. I have two hardtops. One from the original car, and one from a 42. The 42 top is in somewhat better condition with less rust. When it comes to look I think the 42 top with split window is looking better. The...
  9. Erwin

    BJ40 with fuel problem

    I had after many years finally finished restoring, got plates on, and off I went. It was working well for a few shorter trips, and then it will no more. It started to stall, especially up hills, but also on plain ground. Looses power and stops. It has grown worse, now it don't run for more than...
  10. Erwin

    Oil for Injection Pump B engine

    I have a 1976 BJ40 with a fuel problem. While looking around I noticed the pump has a dipstick. Stick is dry so I guess it need a bit oil. Is this regular engine oil? And capacity? My B engine manual do not have this dipstick, and the EPC shows two different types of pumps. I have googled, but...
  11. Erwin

    Cruise Control in a troopy

    I installed a Rostra Cruise Control in a Land Cruiser 78, Troopy, 2001 model with manual transmission. The procedure will be quite similar for type 60 and 80 cruisers, as well as all cars except the electrical connections. It might seem a bit out of place with Cruise Control on a Land...
  12. Erwin

    How small tires can you run on a LandCruiser?

    I have a HZJ78 Troopy that currently is fitted with 285/75-16 BFG Mud tires. I dont like them at all. The car is used for overlanding in Europe, Asia and later maybe, Africa. I have been doing overlanding for 10 years in my old car, a HDJ80 fitted with 285/75-16 BFG AT tires. First of all, I...
  13. Erwin

    Overlanding Build LandCuiser 78

    I bought this 2001 HZJ78 with a pop-up roof one year ago. It was used for a trip to Albania last year, but it had a mediocre inventory so I tore it out to build a new for this years trip to the Stan-countries and Mongolia. That trip was washed away on the Corona-wave, but the car is ready to go...
  14. Erwin

    BJ40 - air in the dieselsystem

    I have this 1976 BJ40 that have a problem with air in the diesel system. While I was restoring it it was fine, but on first trip after putting the plates on it started to run uneven and then stopped. If I prime it, it runs for 5 minutes, then stop again. I thought I had found the problem in the...
  15. Erwin

    HDJ80 sometimes will not start

    Now solved, see bottom. I have a manual 1994 HDJ80 with 450.000 km on the odo. 24 V starter. It has during the last year developed an intermittent starting problem. Sometimes, when I twist the key, nothing happens except for a small click in a relay. I wait 10 seconds. Same thing. I wait one...
  16. Erwin

    Koni shocks on a Troopy- is this OK?

    I have put on Koni 90-5442 rear dampers on my 2001 HZJ78. What I find a bit strange is the large opening in the dampers. Picture shows car medium loaded. It seems to me that they will be pretty prone to s*** building up. According to PO the car is lifted 2". The old dampers, Tough Dog was...
  17. Erwin

    Toyota rear locker connector repair

    On my 2001 HZJ 78 a wire is broken close to the connector hold with my dirty fingers. I guess it is the position switch. Have been looking in the manual, but can not find the connector there. The fire is only referred to as "Frame wire". Any chance anybody has the parts number for the connector?
  18. Erwin

    Caster measuring- is this setup OK?

    I am measuring caster this way with a standard caster measurer from Ebay. But because of the alloy free wheeling hub it is not possible to fix the measurer to center (by magnets) where it should go. So i used a flat iron on top of the hub. As we are measuring in a plane parallel with the wheel...
  19. Erwin

    BJ40 1976 Fuel feed pump problem

    After 6 years of resto I finally got the license plates on the car. And on the first test run the engine started to stall after a few kilometers. What a drag... The engine has been fired up regularly during those years, and I have driven it some meters just to keep it alive. No problems with...
  20. Erwin

    A free and invisible caster correction method

    I bought a lifted 80 with 2" OME and with OME caster correction bushes. The car was pretty wiggly on the road so I checked the caster angle. It was minus 0.5 degrees. Spec is plus 2-4 degrees. So pretty much out of spec. 2" elevation gives change of caster - 3.4 degrees. Caster correction...
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