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  1. sogafarm

    The Neighbor's Sweet New Ride

    Post up your neighbor's classic rides. My neighbor just bought this for his wife. 1990 Mazda RX-7 convertable with 33k Miles and super clean. I haven't seen one of these in years, but this one is really nice.
  2. sogafarm

    SOLD  A.R.E. DCU Aluminum topper with Ambulance doors and side toolbox.

    For sale is my A.R.E. DCU all aluminum topper off of my tacoma. Has ambulance style doors and driver side toolbox. Fits 1st, 2nd gen Tacoma, maybe 3rd gen (see measurements). Key included for rear and side door locks. $800. Located in SW Georgia, USA.
  3. sogafarm

    Lambs and farm life

    Had a new addition to the flock during the night. Already up and chasing it's mother.
  4. sogafarm

    My first 80

    I always regretted selling my last Landcruiser in 2007. After owning three FJ60's( 1983, 1986, and a 1987 which is in my avatar), I finally found an 80 series from Birmingham, AL in eddie baur green that was clean, close, and within budget. It's a 11/94 build date with the later full float...
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