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  1. Joe Bob

    Recommended Mechanics near Sacramento?

    I need a good trustworthy mechanic to do a diagnostic (I think my cat may be going out) and a reindex on 1 torsion bar. Any recommendations? I live in Lincoln CA, near Sacramento. Thanks!
  2. Joe Bob

    Engine Problem - exhaust issue?

    hey all. wjo knows techstream well enought to tell me what my issue is? the engine lights are on and the car will randomly lose power and stall with weird electrical issues. i have replaced all of the air/fuel sensors (all 4). I have also replaced the spark plugs. i think the miss fire is...
  3. Joe Bob

    STUCK help! o2 sensor

    i just had abank 2 sensor 2 code 105 miles ago. now this is happening
  4. Joe Bob

    TPMS Question

    Is it possible to use the 2nd/main function for the TPMS on the same set of tires? I'd like to make the main have a pressure set to freeway pressure (38psi) and the 2nd to crawling pressure (20psi). Has anyone tried this? If so, how did you do it?
  5. Joe Bob

    2006 LX470 Locker Questions

    I just got back from a 4x4 trip from Downieville to La Porte. My unlocked '06 LX470 did okay, but when faced with muddy rock and soft snow I kept getting out performed by 2 rear Locked Tacos. We all were running ko2 tires (1 taco on 34s and 1 on 33s, my LX is on 33s). I have had more experience...
  6. Joe Bob

    Pin Size Hile in CV Boot: HELP!

    I was changing out the clamps on my cv boots and i noticed the tiniest of holes. The hole is literally the size of a .5 mechanical pencil tip. Should I just repack the grease and go on my way? I really would like to know if there is an alternative to a new boot... i dont want to pull the axel. :-(
  7. Joe Bob

    SOLD  6 lug trailer wheels x 3

    Close to brand new. Only 2 tires good. One popped and I pulled it on the rim and ruined the side wall. Rims are perfect. 3k miles. $200. Will ship if you pay. In the Sacramento area for local delivery.
  8. Joe Bob

    For Sale  6 lug trailer wheels

    I have 3 trailer wheels/tires that came off of a 2019 UEV 490. Asking $100. Local to norcal for delivery (or meet up), u pay for shipping otherwise. The tires and wheels are almost brand new. They only have the miles on them to get back from Colorado plus a little more... maybe 3k max. 1 tire is...
  9. Joe Bob

    Which fuse to replace, lx470 2006

    Out on the road and my fuse for the cell phone chargers blew. All three of them are out, the one up front next to the cig lighter, the charger in the center console, and the charger by the jack. Help!
  10. Joe Bob

    SOLD  Lx470 Tow Hitch w/recovery point

    From 2006 Lx. Local pic up only. $75.00 Lincoln CA near Sacramento
  11. Joe Bob

    SOLD  3x LX470 18" rims Cali local

    PM me
  12. Joe Bob

    Ruff Tuff Seat Covers

    Check out these seat covers. Fit is excellent! My only gripe is the arm rest covers. I didn't spend a lot of time on them, so I'll see if I can get a better fit out of them tomorrow. These are expensive... about $1,000.00. But, if they last for 10+ years I think they are worth it. The tactical...
  13. Joe Bob

    SOLD  2006 LX 18s with 33" ko2 for 16s

    I'm looking for more meat on my tires. Do you want to trade 16" 33" tires for my 18 is 33 tires? I'm local to Sacramento California.
  14. Joe Bob

    2006 LX470 Power Brake Contoler plug! Where is it?

    Please post a pic of the location for a power brake controller plug on a 03 to 07 LX470? I bought this harness, but can't figure out where it goes. I'll chnge the title of this thread and do a write up on the install once I can pin point the plug location... thanks for the help!
  15. Joe Bob

    MUDShip  Room on rack Cali to Colorado Springs Nov 19th

    I can help transport something not too big
  16. Joe Bob

    4runner on craigslist... tricked out!

    2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - Overland - Must See!! I was just looking through Craigslist and this beauty came up!
  17. Joe Bob

    Sacramento to Colorado Springs and Back

    Hey All, My wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and I are headed from Sacramento to Colorado Springs to pick up a Conqueror UEV 490 Extreme and we want to do some wheeling and camping on the way back. Any suggestions along this route that will help make an epic experience? Your help is much appreciated and I...
  18. Joe Bob

    UEV490 Offroad Trailer

    Hey All, Anyone out there pulling a Conqueror? I just placed an order for a UEV490 and I'd like to bounce upgrades/issue ideas off of other mudders. Or, maybe we can plan a meet up! If you got some pics post them here!
  19. Joe Bob

    SOLD  2006 lx 470 roof rack

    Pearl white roof rack for sale. $50, you pay shipping if needed. Excellent condition. Removed to put on a Gobi. Hardeare invluded. Located in Lincoln CA.
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