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  1. Elfego

    Lots of White Smoke after New Injectors on B engine

    Hi all, hoping to learn and troubleshoot all the white smoke coming out of the exhaust on my B engine. Just did an engine overhaul, replaced glow plugs, replaced the nozzles on the injectors and sent them all to be calibrated. We turn it on and there's so much white smoke we had to put a towel...
  2. Elfego

    No Manual Locking Hubs?

    Just picked up an 82' FJ60 in Central America and realized it doesn't have front locking hubs or disc brakes. Previous owner said he bought it like that from factory. Front hubs seem to be locked at all times as well. Anyone know if this was one of the options for some of these older models? I...
  3. Elfego

    BJ40 Cabin Heater Diagram

    Hi all, I've been trying to look for some diagrams or threads where I can see a picture of how the heater lines are setup for a Toyota B engine or a similar B series engine. My BJ40 doesn't have a heater and looking into adding one for the cold months. Any help would be appreciated. Here is...
  4. Elfego

    B Crankshaft

    Has anyone ever heard of I'm looking for a B engine crankshaft and they happen to have some available. $290 + $144 shipping to USA: Crankshaft 13401-56020 for Toyota B Engine I also found these on Amazon. Surprisingly, one being $1k more than the other.. Thoughts? Forgive...
  5. Elfego

    Diff Lock Troubleshooting Ideas?

    Hi all, I am trying to troubleshoot the diff lock light not turning on in my dash. When I put the T-Case in 4L, I hear it clicking but not motor noise. No Center Diff Lock light and no ABS light on. Today I got into the dash and I connected the Center Diff connection to the Hazard light...
  6. Elfego

    Suspension Lift Kits - 2020

    I've been searching a lot in the forums and can't really make a decision on a lift kit. I hear a lot of good things about OME, Skyjacker, JT Outfitters, and Hell Creek. Has anyone tried the Dobinsons suspension? I had them on my 80 and really enjoyed the ride. I'm looking to fit 35s on my...
  7. Elfego

    H42 Engine Swap Options

    Hey all, I'm looking at swapping my B engine to something newer/more readily available parts. Aside from the 2B/3B engines, which others would be a direct fit to the H42 transmission? I'm also considering a 1KZ-TE and a 1HZ as swap options. Would these require a transmission and transferase...
  8. Elfego

    How many KM?

    I just purchased this nice 1981 BJ40 in Central America with a Diesel engine. Previous owner wasn't sure how many km the car had. He only put about 1k in the last 2 years and he bought it off an elder lady who he thinks was the original owner. Dash says 27k kilometers, but we're not sure if...
  9. Elfego

    Bad Alternator: OEM vs Autozone/O'Reilly's?

    Just picked up this 95 Right-Hand Drive VX Limited Cruiser in Washington after arriving from Japan a few weeks ago. Currently on a trailer headed to Chicago. Car wasn't starting so we replaced the battery, worked great for a bit and then wouldn't start 10 minutes after turning the car off. Few...
  10. Elfego

    Wanted  80 Series lift gate wanted - around Seattle/Tacoma, Washington

    Anybody near Washington have a lift gate for sale? Preferably in the dark emerald pearl color. Mine has a huge dent, considering the "fix" vs "replace" costs. Does the lift gate have a VIN anywhere? Here's what mine looks like now.
  11. Elfego

    Anyone know of Japanese Lift Kit Vendors?

    I'm buying an 80 from Japan, with the whole Coronavirus thing, I'm considering getting some work done on the car in Japan and when the time is right ship it over and have it ready to go. Anyone know of any reputable vendors there? I have used Dobinsons in the past and love their kits, not sure...
  12. Elfego

    Can this rear lift gate be fixed?

    I got a shop telling me I'm going to need a whole new door. I don't think it's that bad. What do you guys think?
  13. Elfego

    For Sale  Chicago, IL 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 187k Miles

    Selling my FZJ80 because we need a more fuel efficient car. It's been a daily driver since we got it. Selling for $12k more images in the Facebook link below. Facebook link here: 187k miles New in 2019 5 BFG KO2 Tires 5 Method NV Wheels 2.5in Dobinsons Lift Kit (shocks, springs, caster...
  14. Elfego

    Too much rust?

    How bad is the rust on this thing? The front is actually in pretty good shape so I didn't post a picture. Going to tackle sanding off as much as I can and putting some POR15. Also, does the rear swaybar look a bit funky?
  15. Elfego

    So how do you delete the EGR?

    Reading all these threads. Seems like a good solution to get rid of CEL codes. How is it done? What parts should I buy? (Block Off Plates, etc.) What about the VSV and all the other hoses under the intake? I still have 1 last emissions test in Illinois, should I wait till after? Currently...
  16. Elfego

    Part Number Help

    Found this little guy broken yesterday, blowing air all over the place. What is the part number to get it replaced? Also, what is the part number for the sensor to the left side of the oil filter? Thanks!
  17. Elfego

    Suspension Squeak - Springs?

    2 months after installing the Dobinsons leveling suspension kit, my front passenger side (U.S.A. right) started sqeaking a bit every time I hit a bump. I took pictures comparing both sides and the top of the right side doesn't look to be centered properly. I already made sure both sides were...
  18. Elfego

    Rattling Sound when Accelerating

    It's been bugging me for quiet some time now. But today I just couldn't take it. Could it be the exhaust manifold heat shields? They are fairly cracked and rusted. What else should I look at?
  19. Elfego

    Clunk noise when changing between D and R

    Not sure if this is a concern. I’ve had this clunk noise for quite some time now. Happens even when I come to a complete stop, wait 2-3 seconds, and then change gear. T Case? I’m sitting at 180k miles. Don’t think t case or transmission has had an oil flush.
  20. Elfego

    Temperature gauge all over the place!

    Video: Help me diagnose this issue. Has the temp sensor gone bad? PHH? The shakiness is just rough roads of Chicago. I've got a P0401 code too so not sure if the EGR has something to do with it?
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