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  1. Qball

    SOLD  Norcal LX 450

    Well time has come to say good bye, the old girl took me to lots of awesome places and created lots of great memories. But she is getting older and with 2 small kids I simply don’t have the time to give her the TLC she needs. She runs great and super smooth. 97 LX 450, 250k miles The good and...
  2. Qball

    Real time help! Front axle broke and stuck in Bishop CA!

    Hey gang it’s been a while since I visited the forum but it has been while since I used my 80. Last Thursday I took the old girl out to bishop for some camping and on the way there the front passenger caliper stuck and cooked the bearings. As the tow truck showed up and trying to position the...
  3. Qball

    SOLD  Sacramento CA, ARB low profile drawer with slide top

    ARB low profile drawer with slide top, great condition. Local pickup only....$500 firm
  4. Qball

    SOLD  Sacramento, CA ARB full steel expedition rack 73x49

    Sacramento Area, local pickup only....its quite heavy and big. For sale is my Steel ARB full length expedition rack/basket with full mesh floor, it's the biggest one (73 x 49)Super strong! I can stand on it and no flex, I’ve slept on it and it was awesome. I also have 2 L track mounted for...
  5. Qball

    For Sale  Set of 2 Matsuba UJ-234 U joints, fits 80’s rear drive shaft, possibly more

    Got an extra set of Matsuba U joints, bought them for my 80s rear drive shaft but ended up not using them. They are OEM replacement/equivolant, made in Japan. $60 bucks for both plus the ride, PayPal personal or the 3.3%.
  6. Qball

    SOLD  80 passenger side battery tray, second battery tray.

    I installed the second battery tray but ended up never use it. It’s trimmed to fit. $80 plus the ride, PayPal only.
  7. Qball

    Best second battery and compressor mounting location and kits?

    I’ve done some searches and need your opinions on where are the best locations to count a second battery and compressor. second battery: option 1: relocate the air pump/reservoir on the passenger side next to the radiator. Pros: stock battery location for LHD Cons: relocate the air...
  8. Qball

    Builds  Qball’s GX 460 build thread

    Decided to change the thread to my build thread since this is a worthy update. In my typical fashion I can’t leave a good thing alone, plus got tired of the choppy ride on the GX and wanted a lift anyways. With help if a good friend who got the King’s shocks on his GX I bit the bullet and...
  9. Qball

    GX Passenger rear interior panel, what’s behind it?

    Has anyone opened the GX’s passenger rear interior panel? What’s in there that makes it so bulky? I would like to reclaim/use that space somehow.
  10. Qball

    My 2 year second battery, solar and Wit’send rear quarter panel project

    It has been a while, finally close to finishing my rear quarter panel and solar project so I figure I’ll Start a thread in case my research could be helpful for others. The goal is to have second/auxiliary battery and my fridge run 100% on battery and solar in the summer. This all started long...
  11. Qball

    SOLD  SOLD: ARB 8 feet aluminum awning, ARB delux room for 8ft awning

    Edit: Sorry I decided for the time being I'm keeping the rack so just selling the awning and the delux room. ARB touring aluminum 8 feet(2500cm) awning(used twice) ARB room for the 8feet awning(used once) Sold
  12. Qball

    GX460 Running board removal and slider install write up?

    Hey gang My sliders should be delivered today or tomorrow. I used the search function but I don't see a write up on how to remove the running board and install the sliders. I assume it's pretty simple but I just want to see if there are any gotchas and issues. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Qball

    Another shaky mirror fix....hopefully a better fix.

    Just like most of 80 owners I have been dealing with shaky driver side mirror for years. Tried the zip tie method and didn’t work that great and pain to deal with. One the of the “ears” where the mirror hangs into the housing broke off a year go and fixed it with JB weld/epoxy, didn’t fix the...
  14. Qball

    Hidden light bar or fog light mounting options - post face lift GX

    Hey gang Has anyone installed/mounted hidden led light bar or fog lights begind the “honey comb” grill area on post face lift GX? Thanks in advance
  15. Qball

    For Sale  Fzj80 0-2 inch lift fox ifp 2.0 shocks and OME steering damper...Sacramento ca

    hey gang For sale is 0-2 inch lift fox ifp 2.0 shocks and OME steering damper. All in good working condition. Upgraded so these need new home. All 5 for $250 plus the ride, PayPal personal or cash local pickup. I’m in Sacramento california area.
  16. Qball

    TJM 30mm heavy duty rear swaybar touching lower control arm bolt

    Hey gang I recently upgraded to TJM rear sway bar and so far love it, it’s amazing upgrade for the road. However today as I was installing rear shock by lifting the body the swaybar would contact the lower control arm bolt. I have a 2 inch lift and have not extended my sway bar link yet but...
  17. Qball

    Anyone doing any local runs this weekend?

    hey gang Anyone doing any local runs this weekend? I want to take the old girl and my son out. Thinking about doing signal peak and lake sterling. Or on the 50 side strawberry pass, new to the area so haven't been to a single trail yet.
  18. Qball

    Free 315/75-16 AT tires in sacramento area, today only(12/29/17) FREE!

    FREE - Four 315/75-16 falken AT tires in Sacramento area---TODAY ONLY---FREE!!!
  19. Qball

    Free 315/75-16 AT tires in sacramento area, today only(12/29/17) FREE!

    FREE - Four 315/75-16 falken AT tires in Sacramento area---TODAY ONLY---FREE!!!
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