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    Armored 200 blown up.
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    Outside magazine article Interesting article. Wonder if the author is on mud.
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    Long Range tank install and rear bumper...

    Im interested in getting a 40 gal LR tank in my 200. also looking at a rear slee install. what shops are local and can tackle this? Been thinking about ACC down in ATL, but logistics would be a pain.
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    Surfboard rack for LX570.

    my 2015 LX has the smaller width roof rack. Im worried that if I put a big honking SUP on it, the lack of width between the posts will be a problem? how do I solve this? Also, any way that I can open the rear hatch with a board on the roof? thanks!
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    Extended OCI

    Who is doing em on the 5.7? What oil are you using? Filter? I’m partial to Mobil products and want to go 10k miles between changes. Anyone have the oil filter code for the Mobil extended performance in the 5.7? Thanks!
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    Shelter in place car wash...

    Man, with my car wash shutting down ive upped my game on washing my own vehicles. Ive been utilizing a foam cannon on my power washer. Been using turtle wax car wash that I cut at 75% with water. What im finding is my car is shedding dirt and grime much better. Car stays clean AF. Drying...
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    Belt squeal... warranty?

    My new to me lx570 has a belt squeal. It doesn’t happen when outside temps are below 60degrees. After that, it becomes annoyingly loud. Truck has 58k miles on it and I’m the third owner. Questions: -is the belt covered under warranty? -could it be a belt tensioner? I have a date w Lexusdealer...
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    SOLD  5 18inch 200 lc wheels central NC

    $400 bucks. I bought these and ended up keeping my lx 20’s. Should fit 100’s and 200’s
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    2015 lx570 rim and tire value?

    Picked up some 18inch lc wheels and I’m going to sell my 20’s with brand new yoko tires. Rims are 8 out of 10. what should I ask for 5 wheels and tires?
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    TPMS questions...

    Can I swap my tpms sensors from lexus 20's wheels to toyota 18's? Also, what types of warning/ chimes happen when you run wheels with no TPMS sensors. I hate warning lights/ TPMS warnings. Thanks!
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    For Sale  2010 lx570 for 15k.

    FB link didn't work. its at fred anderson toyota in RAL NC. found it on FB marketplace Not mine, I'm not affiliated. might be the cheapest LX570 in the country. interesting carfax. Front seat looks like driver pooped his pants at some point.
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    Wasssup guys, Tacoduck here. New to the 200 forum, but not new to MUD. Just bought a 2015 lx570 with 54k miles. Truck looks and smells brand new. This is my 3rd Landcruiser, other 2 are in my title. My parents have had 4 lx570's, and Its always been a bucket list truck for me. Thankfully...
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    For Sale  2007 lx470 central NC $10,000

    Time to move up to a lx570. Ive owned this truck for 3 years. 3rd owner. White 2007 lx470 mileage- 306,000 miles spent entire life in NC- ZERO rust I bought this truck with 259k miles on it. since I've owned it, I've done the following: -timing belt/ water pump @260k -alternator -radiator...
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    need a carfax...

    Willing to pay, just not 40$. PM me and Ill send you the VIN. Thanks!
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    LX 470 headlight question...

    My LX470 has a feature where I leave my headlight switch on AUTO. when in auto, the truck senses whether to run daytime lights or my full headlamps. Lately, my truck is running full headlamps regardless of day or night. Question- Is there a sensor that tells the truck its night time and needs...
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    Radiator failed on my 07 LX470...

    while picking up groceries this morning, I randomly caught a wiff of anti freeze. Opened the hood, and sure enough, found the leak. What is weird is truck never got hot, or showed steam coming out the hood. Major failure. Parked it at my mechanic 1 mile from my house. Pretty sure this is...
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    Money shot... 300k

    Boom... 300k. 07 lx470. Truck has no leaks and needs nothing. Amazing vehicles.
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    PS door handle broken...

    After 296k miles, my LX470 passenger rear door handle is rattling/busted. Anyone have this problem? how hard is the swap? Outer Door Handle For 98 Toyota Land Cruiser Lexus LX470 Rear RH White DHB4148 | eBay will this handle work? Thanks!
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    First water crossing...

    ...was an adventure. You never know how capable a land cruiser is until you need it. Long story a little less long, my buddies house was at the end of a long road flooded by hurricane Florence. I watched a Jeep go, so I followed. Next day, the water was deeper! Proud to say my truck made it...
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    Sold my 2001 UJZ-100... Review.

    Bitter sweet day for me... I sold my 2001 LC. Rolled 200k miles on her last week, and now she's off on another adventure. Background- I owned the truck since August of 2016. Bought from a mud member for $7300 w 174k miles on her. In 2 years and 26k miles on her, She never broke down...
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