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    Lost key for my 1966 FJ

    I recently lost my key to my 1966 FJ40. Any advice on getting keys made or new switch with key.
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    FJ80 resurrection - Vacuum hoses

    Got the FJ80 running again! What is everyone doing for vacuum hoses? Every one of them needs to be replaced.
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    3FE Rocker Arm assembly bolt placement

    Guys, can't find my FSM and am trying to button up the head on my sons FJ80. I have the 2 larger bolts left to install on the rocker arm assembly and I can't seem to find the correct location for them. The 2 bolts are different and I need to know which goes where. Please advise. One has the...
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    3FE head Chevy Valve upgrade part numbers

    Hello, I have a head that needs to have valves replaced and would like to go down the Chevy valve replacement route. I am looking for part numbers to get to my machine shop to replace the valves, springs and guides. Any help would be appreciated. I have searched and sent emails to folks that...
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    Wanted  Florida/Southeast - 3FE head

    Working on my son's first vehicle and the head has multiple cracks. 1992 model year
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    3FE Rocker Arms

    I am disassembling the rocker arms and noticed the shaft was not positioned correctly. The slots should be placed where the bolts will slide in and out easily. Will remove the entire assembly tonight to assess any damage.
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    Wanted  2F Large cap distributor with side cover to Upgrade my 1F

    Looking for a lead on a Large cap 2F distributor and side cover to upgrade my 1F.
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    Wanted  Distributor for 1966 1F engine.

    Hello, Looking to see what's available for distributors out there. Looking for an electronic option instead of points. Mine needs a rebuild. Am looking more to upgrade than stay stock.
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    For Sale  1966 FJ40 15 inch clip style rims (Florida)

    I upgraded to 16 inch steel rims on my FJ40. I have (5) 15 inch rims that are the clip style available for $250.00. I will also throw in old hub caps. The hub caps have some rust and I believe they are reproduction caps. Buyer to pay shipping costs. I can email better pics of rims upon request.
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    Wanted  FST bows 1966

    Hello, I am looking for a set of bows to install on my 1966 FST FJ40. I would prefer OEM or Real Steel. Let me know what you have. Jon
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    Wanted  1966 FJ40 FST eyelet for door strap

    Hello, I am in need of one FST eyelet for a door strap. Jon
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    1966 FST steering rebuild

    I am going to replace the tie rod ends, center link and steering stabilizer. What vendors do you all use for parts? Toyota or aftermarket? I will be on the road this week traveling to Houston and would like to order a rebuild kit if available to replace all of these since they are...
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    Where is Molly?

    I just purchased my first FJ40. You will probably recognize her, the 1966 FST Dukes rescued from the desert. I look forward to tinkering with her and am sure to have many questions. Jon
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