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  1. Peluo

    80 series love in 300 series release vid

    I like that new non-overlapping welding technique for the frame. And the weight reduction 👍
  2. Peluo

    For Sale 80 Series brake caliper rebuild kits

  3. Peluo

    For Sale 80 Series brake caliper rebuild kits

    Still available?
  4. Peluo

    For Sale 80 Series brake caliper rebuild kits

    Hello? I am still intereste?
  5. Peluo

    For Sale 80 Series brake caliper rebuild kits

    Still available?
  6. Peluo

    RockAuto Gift Certificates!

    Discount code please.
  7. Peluo

    Comment by 'Peluo' in media '2uzFe Engine Bay under LED'

    What aluminum radiator is that?
  8. Peluo

    2020 Tire Thread

    One thing that is not discussed here is sidewall strength. I did 40000 kilometers around South America with a set of Toyo MT, not one puncture. This tire will take any punishment you can dish out. Great traction on any type of terrain from snow to sand and any pavement conditions. Downsides...
  9. Peluo

    Escape Gear for 97 LX450

    Do they have an option for non electric seats?
  10. Peluo

    How do I use High beams as a trigger for my aux lights?

    I just made a splice on the high beams to the relay of your auxiliary lights. I also added a switch in the dash for the auxiliary, for when I don’t need them. So to use the the auxiliary light, first push the switch in the dash then activate the high beams and the auxiliary lights also come ON.
  11. Peluo

    1994 Locking Axle Swap.

    Make sure your new locking diff is not on the locked position :) And yes, all gas engine 80 series LC are 4.11 axle ratio either with locked or unlocked diffs.
  12. Peluo

    Bolt on turbo kit

    Even though it looks like they took a lot of material to balance it. That material taken is very close to the center of the rotating mass. It would have taken a lot less material to balance at the perimeter of the fan blades, but I guess they don’t do it because it would off set the aerodynamics...
  13. Peluo

    Bolt on turbo kit

    Can you guys post all the stuff that are you using for the wire harness heat shielding? Please include possible brands and best place online to get them please.
  14. Peluo

    HDJ81/FZJ80 Tranny Temp Gauge

    Does the adapter work on only the A442 aka”school bus“ or does It work on A343 newer slosh box?
  15. Peluo

    80 series rear lower shock mount guard

    Post a picture when you have a beta example.
  16. Peluo

    Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 long term review.

    I wonder how does it compare to Toyo Open Country MT. I am on my 2nd set. Very robust tire, I just wish it was lighter. Sidewall strength is one of the best IMO the other super side wall tire would be Goodyear MTR. I did 5 tire rotación and only lasted like 45k kilometers. Still could have done...
  17. Peluo

    No more depo headlights

    H-1 and H-4 are Halogen type bulbs I am sure you can find LEDs with the same mount but would not trust if they would have the same “focusing point”
  18. Peluo

    What do you store in your 4x4 labs rear cargo baskets?

    I built drawers between them Hanna Interior Cargo Carrier + Custom Drawers I am working on mounting my extreme air compressor in one of them.
  19. Peluo

    Castrol European - 0w30 and 0w40 // Made in Germany only or is made in Belgium okay?

    Project Farm YouTube channel has an oil shootout, Pennsoil Ultra-Platinum came in second. You can get 5 quart Jug for $21 on Amazon.
  20. Peluo

    Experience with different sized winches on an 80 series

    If you want to upgrade your winch contactor/relays search for an “Albright style“ these are waterproof and very reliable.
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