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  1. Kleatus

    19' Larson bowrider? Any info appreciated

    Saw this boat on the way home today. It's a Larson Citation DC 190. It's the type and shape we're looking for. I don't really know anything about boats. Any input on value? Anything to look out for? (Other than the usual "it's a boat, you're gonna lose money..!") Has trailer, titles to both...
  2. Kleatus

    Wanted  Factory A03A gearset for 9.5" Tundra

    Anyone have a set of factory gears for a 2015 4.6 Tundra 4x4 rear axle code A03A kicking around from a regear? Don't want new or aftermarket.
  3. Kleatus

    The Honey Badger (Story/Build of my FJ62)

    So this followed me home. There was haggling, a compression test at the point of sale, and we left with the LandCruiser and a refridgerator. Craigslist sometimes works like that. Old ARB and cupped out dry rotted Super Swampers. It was in the single digits that day, and the heat didn't work...
  4. Kleatus

    "Stray" dog

    So this guy has been hanging around again. Used to be a day or two a month, maybe 6 months ago he stopped coming around for a while. He "lives" a couple miles away. I called the owner the first few times he started showing up but he didn't seem to care much. "Maybe I'll come by the next few...
  5. Kleatus

    Meet Arkansas Dave, my first mini truck

    Since moving from WA to MO last spring, I was looking for a beater truck to use around the new property. Hauling firewood, brush, leaves, junk etc. Something nimble and simple. Having other Toyotas around, an older Toyota pickup was a natural choice. This one popped up on FB not too far away...
  6. Kleatus

    VSC light?

    2010 Tundra.. This light comes on and off randomly. When it's on the traction control button does nothing. Other than that no other effects noticed. I thought maybe I had it fixed when I did the rear wheel bearings and found the speed sensor on one side covered in metallic goo from the toasty...
  7. Kleatus

    Need a new EDC pocketknife

    Went to reach for my for my knife the other day, and GONE! I've been carrying a Benchmade Griptillian 551 for the past ~2 years or so and really grew to like it, even if I thought the handle material felt kinda cheap when I first got it. I really liked how light it was, how solid it locked...
  8. Kleatus

    Western Washington Wagon Wayfare

    @NookShneer ,@red66toy myself and others have been talking for a while about getting together a 60 Series Wagon Run in the area. We had considered running up to Gallagher Head Lake on Friday evening the 8th of Sept. As of now it appears there are active fires in that area, so maybe timing or...
  9. Kleatus

    The Badger gets a new Tough Dog suspension

    Since there doesn't seem to be a ton of info or end user reports yet out on there on the 60 series Tough Dog suspensions available from Trail Tailor ( @reevesci )I will post up, since I just installed one. My 1989 FJ62 is my DD, and has a lot of miles. Rolled over 391k as of this morning to be...
  10. Kleatus

    How rare is a 5 lug 3.4/5 speed Tacoma?

    So, through a rather humorous and years long turn of events I have the opportunity to re-acquire a truck I had about 4 years ago. It is a 1995 Extra cab, 3.4, 5 speed, 5 lug 2wd, 14" alloys, cruise, AC, power windows and locks, and factory removeable moon roof. I've half heartedly looked for...
  11. Kleatus

    '62 is not happy

    I will try and investigate further tomorrow, but if anyone has some similar experience, opinions/info in the meantime I am all ears. More brains are better than one.. The '62 started cutting out a couple days ago, for a few seconds at a time, in short random bursts. It did it 2 or 3 days in a...
  12. Kleatus

    Swap Delimma

    So a gear head friend of mine says I'm crazy for putting a B3.3/NV4500 in my '40. He's convinced the diesel belongs in my '62 with an automatic, and an LS should go in the '40 with the 5 speed. He thinks I'll hate the NV4500 behind the diesel, and that an LS engine with its broader operating RPM...
  13. Kleatus

    Murphys Law..

    ..ensures this could only happen with 22 miles on the tank.
  14. Kleatus

    235/85 KO2's for $536 a set!

    (Thats with free shipping too) In case anyones looking for some.. I was looking for 265/70/16's for the 4Runner and ran across these... seems like a pretty good deal, in case anyones looking... LT235/85R16, All-Terrain T/A KO2 Pondering just getting a set anyway, even thought I was really...
  15. Kleatus

    B3.3 Injection Pumps

    Hi all, I haven't posted in the diesel forum yet, but figured I'd say introduce myself. I've got an FJ40 that I have installed a Cummins B3.3 in (not on the road yet). I'm curious to see if anyone else out there is running a B3.3 with a Standadyne pump (externally it appears very similar to the...
  16. Kleatus

    Chassis Saving

    Since picking up the FJ62 up late last year, and sorting things out under the hood it is time to address the frame. Thankfully the truck spent most of its life in CA and NM, so it's not bad. There is surface rust on the outside of the framerails and axles, but as you'll see there are also many...
  17. Kleatus

    3FE Vibration - What am I missing?

    I am nursing back to life an '89 FJ-62, and have successfully put about 2k miles on it as a DD in the past couple months. A broken exhaust valve, cracked head and a host of other maladies had it in pretty poor shape prior to surgery. This is my first 60 series and sole experience with the 3FE...
  18. Kleatus

    Wanted  3FE cyl. head, '89 FJ62

    I need a good cylinder head for an '89 3fe. Bare is fine, I have the valvetrain. Located in Omaha.
  19. Kleatus

    I've heard 3FE's can get filthy inside...

    But I wasn't expecting this.. After round 1 of scrubbing.. Pulled it down to replace a broken exhaust valve. I'm assuming someone missed a few oil changes..
  20. Kleatus

    5VZ flexplate cracked? Opinions? (video+sound) Take a listen.... '98 3.4 TRD, auto, 177k, history a complete unknown (other than the air filter and oil change it got 2k miles ago), but previous SD registrations, red dust everywhere, quantity of bottle caps inside, body damage...
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