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  1. Rocky_LC

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    For sale at Tanque Verde Motors in Tucson. Nice FJ40. Not mine, I just saw it driving by....
  2. Rocky_LC

    Pig Picture Album

    There’s no doubt it had a few rough spots, but the owner was driving it, and working on it... he was in the process of lining the interior with Dynamat. I’d be happy to own it. Thanks for rotating the picture for me.... would have taken me hours! Rocky
  3. Rocky_LC

    Pig Picture Album

    Nice one I saw today in SLO. There’s another really nice white 60 or 62 around the corner. Didn’t meet the owner, but this one drives around...
  4. Rocky_LC

    Hey Stepmurr.... you guys OK?

    What a mess, but was happy when I read you all were OK. Have fun in Moab... Chuck
  5. Rocky_LC

    Hey Stepmurr.... you guys OK?

    I saw the Margo fire is going in Dudleyville... Not sure exactly where you live, but I know you run in that area. Be safe. Chuck
  6. Rocky_LC

    *FREE* stuff for local pick up - Anything and everything goes

    Anybody need these heavy steel parts? If not, they got into the trash bin Local pick up only, in Tucson. Off a ‘74 FJ-40. Shock towers Steering arms Full steering box and rods Steering box mount Center arm stabilizer
  7. Rocky_LC

    48 State Cruisers? New Group?

    The old Arizona Land Cruiser Association died a slow, lingering death of apathy. I’d rather see one vibrant group. They might still have a few threads on this board. Rocky
  8. Rocky_LC

    What did you do to your Land Cruiser/Toyota/Lexus 4X4 this week?

    Finally got a swing-out integrated into my "old skool" CONN-FER bumper. The beauty is that the swing-out rests on the bumper structure, so there is no cantilever forces on the hinge pin when locked down for wheeling.
  9. Rocky_LC

    Events/Trails Tucson Monthly Meeting

    A chance meeting on Mount Lemmon yesterday....
  10. Rocky_LC

    Great read and tribute to our friend Kurt.

    Nice article! Thanks for posting!
  11. Rocky_LC

    '76 Frame straightening attempt

    Your load application point is way too far to the rear of the truck move that thing forward to a couple inches behind the crossmember to pull more vertically. Rocky
  12. Rocky_LC

    What did you do to your Land Cruiser/Toyota/Lexus 4X4 this week?

    Finally got some gauges installed...
  13. Rocky_LC

    Suspension Sag Diagnosis

    Measure from a fixed point on both sides of the chassis to the ground. Measure a spot up front, and a spot in the back. If the measurements are the same (side to side), then you don’t have the dreaded “Cruiser Lean”. I think you are overthinking this.... Rocky
  14. Rocky_LC

    Part Number for Center Caps for these Wheels?

    Thanks a lot for the response. I agree the color isn’t going to match.... I’ve got a set of the PT904 caps, but am not having any luck making them fit with my dremel tool and cut-off wheel... Thanks -
  15. Rocky_LC

    Part Number for Center Caps for these Wheels?

    I could use a little help to determine the center caps for these wheels. I think they are FJ Cruiser wheels.... Thanks in advance.. They are NOT: P/N PT904-35071-CC
  16. Rocky_LC

    Thinking about going to Patagonia Lake State Park

    Copper Bottom Brothel (Brewery) in Sonoita is a good place to go for a burger and TVs if you are looking for dining. New place, big, and can usually provide beer and good service. If you can take an easy wheeling trip to Kentucky Camp, it’s very much worth the detour off Highway 83. Rocky
  17. Rocky_LC

    Events/Trails Rug Road 2020 - November 7&8

    Great trip! Thanks to Jason for setting it up, and hosting. Thanks to everyone else for the fun and camaraderie. Terrific place to camp on Saturday night. We got a little rain, but just enough to be interesting, but still enjoyable! Look forward to getting out more often. A couple...
  18. Rocky_LC

    76 4 speed rebuild or not?

    I say run it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I think you will find the OD Unit hard to get parts for. Run it until you are sure there’ something broke. One things these setups do is pump oil from the TC to the transmission when the internal seals fail. You find this when you pull the...
  19. Rocky_LC

    Events/Trails Rug Road 2020 - November 7&8

    Hope you don’t mind another participant! I’ll plan to meet you all off Copper Creek Rd. (East of Mammoth) at 0900. Thanks for putting this together! Chuck
  20. Rocky_LC

    1974 FJ40 Heater Performance Poor

    I believe my ‘74 originally came with the solid, 4 bladed orange fan. No fan clutch in that configuration....
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