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  1. JaketheSSnake

    Transmission fluid leak from throttle cable area?

    I have a pretty bad leak coming ftom the ds of the transmission, but I'm not sure what it is. I thought my throttle cable was broke (due to the split shown in the pic), but my other one was 80 has the same split and its not leaking. I know the cable is nla, but is there an o-ring to replace on...
  2. JaketheSSnake

    D.U.I hei replacement parts questions

    I bought an 83 Fj60 a couple of years ago at auction. Its been desmogged (very sloppily) and the hei distributor has a DUI sticker on it, so I'm assuming it's a DUI. I've driven it very little, but it really hasn't had many issues other than dieseling after shutoff occasionally. It's always...
  3. JaketheSSnake

    Smorr November 8-10th?

    Anyone interested in going to Smorr in November? An old friend and I will be heading out Nov 7th (Thursday) and camping/wheeling through that Sunday. Anyone interested in going?
  4. JaketheSSnake

    Anyone going to the all breed Iowa Jeep show this weekend?

    Little late, but I thought I'd ask. The Iowa Jeep club is having an "all breed" jeep show, open to all offroad vehicles. There is going to be an obstacle course, rti ramp, and some trails to check out. I'll be there on Saturday, not sure about Sunday yet.
  5. JaketheSSnake

    How much can a Prinsu rack and the factory gutter rail support?

    Turns out, ALOT. A tree fell on my 80 last night. Luckily it missed my practically free pos 60 series that was parked right next to it :mad:. It dented the rails of the Prinsu in a few spots and put a dent in my hatch and the roof right next to it :(. Overall not too bad to be honest. It also...
  6. JaketheSSnake

    Just picked up an 83 Fj60 :)

    Picked up this 83 Fj60 today, it was too cheap to pass up! I probably should have though. I planned on doing a father son build with it, but it needs way too much work before it's safe enough to put my son in. On the plus side, it makes my Fzj80 feel like a Cadillac lol. No idea what I'm going...
  7. JaketheSSnake

    Anyone want to represent the TLC with me at a Jeep event?

    Im a member of a jeep group on Facebook mainly to network with other off-road enthusiasts since Toyota people are scarce, let alone TLC people around here. They're doing a cruise along the Dragoon trail on the 25th. Nothing too crazy as it's mainly 2 lane roads and gravel along the river I...
  8. JaketheSSnake

    Wanted  WTB Rear interior door panels 97 Fzj80

    Looking for the rear left (driver side) interior door panels for my 97 FZJ80. Not sure what all years would work, 93-97 maybe? I may take both sides if they're both in good shape, but I really need the drivers side. Attached is a pic of mine, for comparison. Looks like someone just blindly...
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