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  1. shotgun12321

    Dirtgypsy goes SOA

    I wish you luck with the sale. I'm actually contemplating selling my 62 as well. Just going to require far too much money to get it where I want it to be, I think i'll sell it and snag something already SOA on 37's (probably a minitruck or 1st gen 4runner)
  2. shotgun12321

    84 FJ60 Resto,

    I'm in love......
  3. shotgun12321

    Another rear bumper build! Pics inside.

    By all means haha. I just don't have any time since my welder/all the fab stuff is 40 minutes away, which doesn't seem bad, except I can't find time to go down there with school, work, social, etc, etc, etc. Spring break is fast approaching though, so maybe that's what I'll knock out.
  4. shotgun12321

    Another rear bumper build! Pics inside.

    Looks better than mine (because yours is finished haha).
  5. shotgun12321

    Registry 60-series Registry

    Thanks! But that's a little too pricey for me. I'll just stick to charcoal grey I guess :crybaby:
  6. shotgun12321

    Registry 60-series Registry

    I'd even be fine with just the paint scheme... so sick
  7. shotgun12321

    Front Bumper Build/Design

    I don't have any drawings, as the bumper was not designed by me, but here's some for inspiration.
  8. shotgun12321

    Snorkel Question

    I noticed this too. Wasn't like a huge increase, but still noticable.
  9. shotgun12321

    Snorkel Question

    It's not a poser thing if you actually use it for what it was designed for. I have one on mine, but it's pretty much an ornament for the type of stuff I do. It does turn a lot of heads and makes me look cooler. So that's how I can justify the cost :D
  10. shotgun12321

    $400 mudflaps? Please tell me there is a better way.

    I'd send ya mine, but they were all rusted/pitted out and basically unusable.
  11. shotgun12321

    What happened to the you-weld-it bumper kit thread?

    x4 for Mark's kit.
  12. shotgun12321

    best place to buy a fj60 ome lift kit

    With my order, some came from Ok4wd, some came from Safari Ltd (Grand Junction) and some came straight from ARB in seattle.
  13. shotgun12321

    best place to buy a fj60 ome lift kit

    I bought mine from but their kit wasn't complete, so I had to order some misc. pins and stuff. But otherwise great service from them.
  14. shotgun12321

    Tube/flat fenders

    I don't think I would dove mine, but that looks really good. Thanks.
  15. shotgun12321

    Tube/flat fenders

    I know i've seen a few pictures of 60's with tubed or flat fenders, but I can't seem to find anything with the search bar. Anyone got pics/specs/details/etc? Any opinions help, thanks.
  16. shotgun12321

    DIY Roofrack Accesories

    Have you taken it offroad/durability tested it yet?
  17. shotgun12321

    DIY Roofrack Accesories

  18. shotgun12321

    Wheeling pictures

    I shouldn't have looked at this I just wanna go wheel!! The wheelstand is from Hidden Valley Road May '08 The snow pic is from Yankee Hill last season. Bunce School road Ironclads
  19. shotgun12321

    Paint Order

    Try posting in the paint/body section
  20. shotgun12321

    Options for a sound system

    You have any issues with big bass hits and the stock alternator? I know the 62's have a little bigger alternator, but wasn't sure how well 400-500w system takes it out on the trucks electricals.
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