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  1. DirtNap

    Do Suspension Lifts Reduce Flex?

    I'm curious about the effect of a suspension lift on suspension flex and wheel articulation on our 200's. I've seen it mentioned in passing before but can't remember seeing it discussed in depth. (Apologies if I missed it!) As I understand it, in a "typical" 1.5"-3" 200-series suspension lift...
  2. DirtNap

    Road Tires? AT? MT? Locker? Oh my!

    Hey CLCC folks, I want to get your thoughts on three ways I could go changing my tire setup: 1) Simple: 1 set of all-terrains 2) Two sets: 1 set of all-season/road tires and 1 set of off-road tires, likely MT 3) Locker: stay with AT, but get a rear locker instead of more off-road...
  3. DirtNap

    2019 Fall Crawl Photos

    Thanks to all of you that out on a great event. Sorry I had to miss tonight's festivities. I'm attaching a link to my Google photo gallery I tried to set it to allow folks to add their photos (if they choose). But regardless of how you do it, share up some pictures!
  4. DirtNap

    LiFePo4 starting battery?

    I hope this belongs here since it is derivative of the solar battery/generator work going on. Since my 200 series is heavy AF, even before much of a build, I am interested in places to safely shave weight, i.e., the battery. I see that the Headway 38120HP has 200A discharge. Since the 200...
  5. DirtNap

    Which size spacers?

    I'd like to tap the collective wisdom here. I am thinking about getting some spacers to address some slight rubbing. Have read the various POVs here and elsewhere. Spacers would be quality (BORA or Spidertrax), hub centric etc. Tl;Dr, I think I could go as thin as 3/4"/19mm, but is there a good...
  6. DirtNap

    Dealer Disappointment (mini-rant on maintenance)

    My 2008 hit 130k so took it in for scheduled maintenance. tl;dr, dealer didn't seem to want to do it! Closest dealer was previously proven incompetent - unable to diagnose a problem with parking brake grinding (shoe spring retainer "washer" broken) that iH8Mud diagnosed in 5 minutes. Next...
  7. DirtNap

    LCA ball joints

    Does anyone have a recommendation for replacement ball joints for the front lower control arms? I'm just trying to get smart on the options, since I'm taking my '08 to the shop soon to have them look into suspension noises (creaking/squeaking). Don't know if LCAs are involved. Toyota OEM...
  8. DirtNap

    Maintenance Schedule Table - 200 series

    Hey all, Last week I put together the attached spreadsheet to help me take a look at the service recommendations in one place. I just copied all of the service & "inspect" text from an online copy of the manual, then did some formatting to make it easier (for me at least) to see it visually. The...
  9. DirtNap

    Fender mount - cable routing

    Hey all, Bear with me here. I am thinking about a fender-mounted antenna for HAM on my 200-series, and wondering how you typically route the cable. The panel gap between the hood and the fender on the 200-series is amazingly tight -- like on the order of 1/8"/0.125". With even the thinner RG-58...
  10. DirtNap

    Bolt heads sizes / standards

    I'm trying to pull together some tools for the trail (and maybe upgrade the ones for home). Do you know which of the 3 metric standards (ISO/ANSI, DIN, JIS) Toyota uses on the 200? Depending on the standard, the "same size" bolt could have 3 different head sizes. JIS uses 12, 14, 17, 19, 22...
  11. DirtNap

    York/AC for on-board air??

    Have any 200-series owners gone down the path of using a York (or other AC) compressor for their on-board air? I think I've gone full circle on reading up on all of the OBA options, from small (MV50, Viair 88P), medium (Viair 300/400P, MV90) to large (Puma) and CO2, and then York. York...
  12. DirtNap

    Solved: Metallic scraping when turning RIGHT - dealer fail, any ideas?

    Hey Mudders, I'm hoping to tap the collective wisdom here to diagnose a metallic scraping/grinding sound I started getting when turning. My dealer was unsuccessful in figuring it out. I don't want to cause any damage, so I haven't driven it much, but I started some testing to see when it occurs...
  13. DirtNap

    A/C just stopped cooling - ideas?

    Hi folks, The air conditioner on my new-to-me 2008LC worked impressively well all summer -- getting cold quickly and easily keeping the car cool even on 95 degree days One day about two weeks ago, it just stopped cooling. Literally overnight. The system would still try to cool down the car --...
  14. DirtNap

    Jumped in with both feet

    After months of (mostly) lurking here and prowling Classifieds, Craigslist, Cars/Autotrader, I finally parked a Land Cruiser in my driveway. 2008, 122k miles, complete service records, dang near immaculate condition inside and out. Thanks to each and every one of you for enabling me (-: Aside...
  15. DirtNap

    Would you run to buy it...or away from it? (used 200LC)

    Hi All, Medium-time lurker here and consumer of the collective wisdom shared here. I'm in the hunt for my first LC. There's a 2008 with around 100K miles that *looks* to be in great shape for around $30k. Through used car dealer, one prior owner. There aren't too many 200's going around for less...
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