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    SOLD  Socal - 62 Door Cards and B-Pillar Covers - Grey

    Selling door cards and B-Pillar covers off of my '89 62. Located in 90094. Can ship on your dime. B-Pillar Covers - FREE - you pay shipping In average condition. Definitely not perfect but they look fine. Door Cards - $50 As pictured. Not included are the window wiper seals that clip to the...
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    For Sale  Lake Tahoe - 60 Tailgate Carpet - New - Black

    I just installed dnp's carpet kit, and don't need this tailgate piece. The color is black. Brand new. Carpet only. $20 plus shipping
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    SOLD  Socal - Trail Gear 1.5" Wheel Spacers (2)

    I recently upgraded my front end, so not longer need these. 1.5" Wheel Spacer Kit 6X5.5 Retail is $107 from Trail Gear. $50 plus shipping (or local pickup)
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    SOLD  Lake Tahoe - FJ62 Front Brake Parts - Hubs, Rotors, Calipers, Backing Plates, Master Cylinder, Booster

    For sale are the following parts off of my '89 62. All removed in good working order 4 weeks ago. Bearings seem fine. Does not include locking hubs or lug nuts. Prefer local pickup, but can ship on your dime. All for $175 obo Need it out of my garage. Thanks, Dave
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    SOLD  SoCal - Thule Bars with 5" Gutter Feet

    Selling this Thule setup that I had on my 62 since I sold my roof tent. Perfect working condition, with some signs of use (missing two end caps on the bars). Selling for $150 Retail for everything was about $350 when I purchased a couple of years ago. Pic below of it mounted to show overhang...
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    SOLD  Socal FJ6X Speakers and Adaptors

    For sale are a full set of four speakers just removed from my 62, along with adaptors for the front, and modified factory enclosures for the rear. Nothing fancy, but they are in good working condition. Both front and rear are $35 per set Rockford Fosgate speakers from amazon. Link to Fronts...
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    For Sale  SoCal Tire Cable Chains - 31x10.5 R15 - Brand New $100

    Recently changed to a larger tires, so these won't fit anymore. $100 I paid $135 on Amazon last year, and they have been under the seat since. Never used. Includes rubber tensioners and instructions. Located in Playa Vista. Amazon Link Model: QV741 Fits: 225/80-17 ; 235/70-18 ...
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    SOLD  SoCal - Tepui Roof Tent RTT - Ayer Sky 2

    Price: $625 Location: 90094 Prefer local pickup For sale is a Tepui roof tent. I have owned it for 3 years, and it has been used for roughly 15 nights. It has never been used in rain or snow, and is in perfect condition. All zippers, clips, and hardware are in perfect working condition. No worn...
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    SOLD  SoCal - Front DS Fender 60 Series - $125

    I have had this for a couple of years, and need to downsize my spare parts pile. I never installed it, but it seems to be in great shape. No rust or dents. A little bit of surface rust on the headlight area. I'm in 90094 if you want to look at it.
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    SOLD  (Los Angeles) Hella H1 and H4 6.5"x4" Headlights - New in box - Set of 4

    Bought these two years ago to upgrade my 62 and never installed. Been in the box ever since. I was just given LED's so these need to go. Comes with 100/90w bulbs in the H4's, and 100w bulbs in the H1's. Also includes two 55w extras. $125 plus shipping for everything
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    SOLD  [SoCal] FJ62 Stock Chrome Wheels 5x ($300)

    For sale is a full set of 5 stock 15” wheels off of my 62. All wheels are in great shape, but not perfect and all are mounted with 31x10.5 tires. Tires: Three are decent, one is cupped badly, and the 5th is fine but doesn’t match the rest. Located in 90094
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    SOLD  (SoCal) Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform 72"x 56"

    I just picked this up on Craigslist but decided to go another direction. Does not include any mounting hardware. Seems brand new. Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Model is 42108BF Size: 72" x 56" Retail is $729 I bought it on CL last week for $450 and will let it go for that. Located in Playa...
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    For Sale  SoCal Misc 60 Series Parts For Sale

    For sale are a few parts that I have removed from my 62. All parts are in 90094 and available for pickup. Happy to ship at your cost. Center Console Lid (console was trash, but this part is decent) - $20 3 Center Console Coin Dishes - $10 for all Rearview mirror (serviceable, but far from...
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    FJ 62 AC Diagnostics - Help Needed

    Hi Folks - I need some AC troubleshooting help. I have searched extensively in the forums, but can't find an answer (at least one that clicks for me), so am hoping that with the info below someone will recognize that I have an obvious problem, or if not, point me in the right direction for...
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    For Sale  [SoCal] FJ62 AC Compressor

    Bought this from a fellow mudder before I realized that there are two types of compressors in the 62s. Turns out mine is the other model so I don't need this. Comes with the four mounting bolts. Pulley spins freely, but I'm not sure if that is indicative of this being operational or not. $75...
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    SOLD  [MT] FJ62 Factory Rear Bumper

    For sale is a factory rear bumper off of my '89 62. Includes all hardware and brackets (including the riveted ones). Chrome is in great condition, with just a few defects noted and pictured below. $300 plus shipping from Bozeman, MT. Details: -Small ding (about the size of a quarter) in the...
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    SOLD  [MT] FJ62 Trailer Hitch 2" - Draw-Tite

    For sale is a Draw-tite 2" trailer hitch. Pulled it off of an '89 62, where it was mounted along with a 31x10.5 spare tire in the factory location, along with the factory bumper. No hardware included. It's in great shape - just a little scratched up. Located in Bozeman, MT. I'm happy to ship...
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