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  1. Mighty690

    Start-up Rattle Experiment

    This is simply an FYI, not an oil thread or an argument. You may want to experiment if you're interested. I've been running Mobil 0W-40 for a number of years, and in various vehicles. On my '93 1FZ-FE I'd started noticing start-up rattle (cam chain) that lasted one or two seconds. I was also...
  2. Mighty690

    Knuckle Therapy 2021

    My son and I did the Full Monty knuckle rebuild on his 80. Two days. (Well, still need to put the calipers and wheels on.) Mud research was invaluable as was the full Koyo kit from Cruiser Bros. New wheel bearings (races too of course) and we did the Tools torque figures. We actually did: hand...
  3. Mighty690

    The obligatory Julian photo

  4. Mighty690

    SOLD  Icon coils. San Diego

    $400 10,000 easy, high desert miles. Front and rear coils only. I'd love to not have to ship them... Scot
  5. Mighty690

    Icon coils for sale

    (The black ones in the photos.) Front and rear. The 4 coils only. 12K easy, inland miles. They're tall and soft. Very comfortable ride. I wanted to see if any locals were interested before trying to sell elsewhere. I was thinking $400, but to one of you guys I'd consider offers. Scot
  6. Mighty690

    Thinning the herd... again.

    Hi guys. I've decided to sell the FJ62. It needs a person with more time and vision. I've got it posted in Classifieds as of tonight. See: 1989 FJ62 San Diego, CA (SOLD)
  7. Mighty690

    SOLD  1989 FJ62 San Diego, CA

    You h8 mud? Well, I hate rust. When I came across this sunburnt Arizona rig with original paint, no rust, and unmolested I had to have it. I was a little trigger happy; I considered repowering it with a diesel, paint, etc. A year later, I've decided to let it go. I drive it to work, and have the...
  8. Mighty690

    Wanted  Fender Flare (left front)

    Look what Junior did. No body damage, just cracked the flare. In an ideal world one of you would have a color matched left front flare in good condition just siting around, and you'd love to sell it and send it to a fellow 80 Series lover. Scot
  9. Mighty690

    SOLD  SOLD: '84 FJ60 Project San Diego

    This was a father-son project that dragged on. We had this rig, known as "the Beast", trucked out from Albequerque with its blown engine. I know, who's heard of a 2F gernading? Well, I've got the proof. Anyway, we put in this CA emission 2F obtained from RSO Performance out of a parts rig. Then...
  10. Mighty690

    '84 60 Series Project sale

    This was a father-son project that dragged on for too long. (He's currently 17, cruising around Idaho and Northern California solo in a '93 80 Series. Proud of him.) We had this rig, known as "the Beast", trucked out from Albequerque with its blown engine. I know, who's heard of a 2F gernading...
  11. Mighty690

    April 4th Anza Borrego photos FYI

    Lysa and I went down to the desert this afternoon. The Indian Canyon (south) end of Coyote Canyon is what you see here. There's a babbling brook flowing up the hiking trail a ways, and butterflies everywhere! Kinda magical afternoon with the light and all.
  12. Mighty690

    Julian: Thursday morning

    Great vehicle for the snow too, of course. I caution you guys from coming through here this weekend. It's going to be a nightmare with the tourists coming to see snow for their first time. Seriously. Scot
  13. Mighty690

    Rodriguez Canyon

    Had a good, safe shooting event out at Rodriguez on Monday. FYI
  14. Mighty690

    2F Engine stuff

    I thought you locals should have a look at these parts first if you had any needs.
  15. Mighty690

    On any Sunday...

    This is that 60 we call "Beast." Finally got that grenaded engine out.
  16. Mighty690

    FJ62: couldn't resist

    It's a 1989. I know that paint is pretty shot, which is good because I could easily see that this former AZ rig is rust free. Yep, roof and arches clean. It passed smog to boot. Back up to four Cruisers. Yes, my wife approved. Scot
  17. Mighty690

    1984 engine parts question

    So, I'm just about ready to pull the knackered engine out of our 1984 rig. (I'm new to 60s.) I got another engine from an '84 to replace it. I want to replace some seals and gaskets before installing it. This is a budget rig, and I went to for parts. Parts searching comes up with a...
  18. Mighty690

    Put my HDJ-81 on the market

    It's in the Mud classifieds. Just an FYI to you local guys if you know someone. You're welcome to come drive it of course! Scot
  19. Mighty690

    SOLD  HDJ-81 (CA)

    SOLD I've had it for a year. You can find some posts on it here on Mud. Not flipping it, I've just got 4 Cruisers, a wooden sailboat, three kids, and I live a block from work! California titled and plated! 155,000 mi. Completely stock, engine runs amazingly. Automatic. No issues, no rust, just...
  20. Mighty690

    Wanted  Looking for an engine...

    This is going to be my son's first truck. He's turning 16 soon and has been turning his nose up at the 80s he's grown up with. LOL. He wanted a 60, so we've been looking for some time to find an affordable father-son project. This one just arrived after my sister found it in NM. The engine is...
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