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  1. ZCissner

    SOLD  81-84 2F bellhousing

    I’m in need of a bellhousing for a 84 fj60 with a 2f, I do not need the pivot ball, fork or lower steel cover, just the bellhousing. Shipping will be to 98312 Thanks for any help
  2. ZCissner

    2F H42 input shaft spline count

    I’ve looked on the forums and can’t find the answer, I need the input shaft spline count for the H42 going to a 2f, I’ve looked at photos of clutches online and count 10? Any help is appreciated
  3. ZCissner

    91 Hdj81 dash light issues

    Hello All, I have had an intermittent rpm issue, if I turn my high beams on, the tach goes to zero. High beams on=no tachometer High beams off=tachometer works fine So the other day I went out to start the truck and both of the turbo lights and the low fluid light is staying on.i have pulled...
  4. ZCissner

    Wanted  80 series power outlet

    I’m looking for the under the hood power outlet , plugs into the factory harness, some call it the aux fuse box but it says power outlet on the cover. Shipping to 98312 Thank you
  5. ZCissner

    For Sale  70(?) series aluminum front bumper

    I have what I believe is a 70 series aluminum front bumper that came with my 80 series but is definitely not for an 80. Inside frame mounting plates measure 25 inches inside to inside, 25.5 inches outside to outside, with an overall outside width of 68 5/8s inches. Only weighs about 50 pounds...
  6. ZCissner

    SOLD  Chico WA, 60 series interior

    I have 3 seats,4 door cards, cargo area panels and trim plastics, tailgate carpet, door handle plastics and 2 land cruiser exterior badges, I bought it all from a mud member years ago for my 60, but it ate the head gasket and I drive my 80 full time anyway, so it’s time to clean the garage. All...
  7. ZCissner

    Part-time 4WD MPG Increase?

    im going to purchase the part-time 4wd kit soon and am just wondering what people have seen for a milage increase, thanks 91 HDJ81 1HDT 5speed
  8. ZCissner

    For Sale  80 Series Icelandic Fender Flares+37inch Wheels and tires.

    just trying to gauge intrest in a set of Icelandic fender flares and 5 37 inch wheels and tires that are currently on my HDJ81, i am going to go with a 35 inch tire so these will be useless to me. if interested please let me know, thank you
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