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  1. neversaydie

    SOLD CO - 80 series OME front springs

    Messaging you, I'll take them, if they're not already gone, I'm local in FoCo
  2. neversaydie

    SOLD Denver: ARB Touring Roof Rack

    Interested if this is still available, shooting you a message!
  3. neversaydie

    Bowfin Cruisers - Roof racks and more

    The 60 series rack is currently in stock on the bowfin cruisers website(11:30ish A.M. mountain time June 16) no idea how long it'll stay in stock though, I was just on looking for an 80 series rack!
  4. neversaydie

    For Sale  Northern Colorado: 2016+ Tacoma Old Man Emu Suspension lift (Used)

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! For Sale- ARB Old Man Emu suspension for 2016+ Tacoma Used for about 7-8000 miles, Installed November 2020 Includes: -Front shocks- 2x OME NitroCharger 90000 w/2888 "Medium" coils -Rear Shocks: 2x OME NitroChargers + EL095R leaf springs -2x Wheelers offroad front shock...
  5. neversaydie

    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    Whats everyone's opinion on this 08', $25K with 162K miles on the Odometer, looks like it spent most of its life in Minnesota/Nebraska:
  6. neversaydie

    For Sale 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser - $29,500 (Arvada, Colorado)

    Man, I need to start checking craigslist, I would have been all over that.
  7. neversaydie

    SOLD  Colorado 2008-2010 Land Cruiser under $27K/<200K miles

    I'm looking for a super white/silver/dark grey 200 Series Land Cruiser for around $24-27k under 180k miles with minimal rust, I'm located in Fort Collins, Co and am willing to travel a bit.
  8. neversaydie

    SOLD  Northern Colorado: 5x 285/75r16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT's

    LOCAL PICKUP IN THE COLORADO FRONT RANGE OR LARAMIE/CHEYENNE AREA ONLY!!! For Sale: Five Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 XLT tires w/ Discount Tire certificates Size: 285/75r16 weight: 54 lbs/per tire Load Range: E1 Cost: $1050 OBO 60,000-mile Cooper factory warranty+Discount Tire Certificates...
  9. neversaydie

    SOLD Northern Colorado: Five 16x8 SCS F5 Matte Gunmetal for Tacoma/4Runner/ GX( 6x139.7)

    I'm honestly seriously considering getting the same wheels in 5x150 if I can ever get a hold of a set, hey look great on so many different vehicles!
  10. neversaydie

    SOLD  Northern Colorado: Five 16x8 SCS F5 Matte Gunmetal for Tacoma/4Runner/ GX( 6x139.7)

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! For Sale: 5x SCS F5 wheels in Matte Gunmetal for Tacoma/4runner/GX460 etc. Size: 16x8 Offset: +0mm Lug pattern: 6x139.7 Comes with SCS spline lug nuts/lock Cost: $925 These wheels have only been used for 6 months/ 7000ish miles and have been part of a 5 wheel rotation...
  11. neversaydie

    Longview Area Pre-Purchase Inspection/ Mechanic for 100 series?

    Thanks, 'll shoot you a message if I can't find anyone before then!
  12. neversaydie

    Longview Area Pre-Purchase Inspection/ Mechanic for 100 series?

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently located in Colorado and I'm looking at picking up a 100 series Land Cruiser from a dealership in Longview and I was wondering if anyone was available to do a Pre Purchase inspection or had recommendations for a local mechanic to do one? My mom lives in the College...
  13. neversaydie

    Wanted FJ60/62 Roof/hitop roof

    I'm also willing to ship it in from elsewhere in the US/Canada, a little rust is ok.
  14. neversaydie

    Wanted  FJ60/62 Roof/hitop roof

    WTB: i'm looking for a rust free 60 series roof in the mid Atlantic area Hitop roofs with sunroofs are a plus.
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